Sale! water beads gun
Water Beads Shooting Gun
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  • Not available in stores
  • Shoot water beads or foam darts
  • Shoot up to 80 feet in distance
  • Perfect outdoor fun for kids and adults
  • Darts and beads included
  • Water beads are 100% biodegradable
4.86 out of 5
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Sale! Water Beads Gel Ball – 10000 PCS
Water Beads Gel Ball – 10000 PCS
  • High quality water beads
  • 10.000 PCS per bag
  • Garden fun with dart gun
  • Also usable for decoration and planting
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Sale! air swimmers
Remote Control Air Swimmers – Swimming Through The Air
[circular_countdown settings_id='2'] * Back in store and almost sold out. Get yours only today for 25% OFF *
  • Easy to control for everyone
  • High quality materials for long lasting fun
  • Refill time and time again
  • One filling lasts for over 2 weeks
4.73 out of 5
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water ballon bunch
Water Balloon Mass Production – 111 self-sealing balloons
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  • Kids and adults love these
  • Self-tying, so no need to knot
  • Create bunches of balloons in 1 minute
  • Reusable and very easy to refill
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable
4.73 out of 5
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Sale! storage play mat
XL Storage Play Mat
[circular_countdown settings_id='6'] Imagine an alternate world where your kids would tidy up their rooms without discussions, where kids rooms were clean and no toys lying around and toys could be stored easily in an almost invisible way. Impossible? Not with this storage solution! Get it now and save time, nerves and money for you and your kids.
  • 55 inch diameter (extra large)
  • 100 % high quality nylon
  • Extra durable
  • Clean up in seconds
  • Designed for portability (take it wherever your kids go)
4.82 out of 5
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Sale! pokemon minifigures
Pokemon Minifigures Set – 8 Pcs
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** These Pokemon Minifigures are not available in stores **
  • Compatible with Lego and other building blocks brands
  • 8 characters, 8 Pokeballs and 8 Pokemon per set
  • Play Pokemon in the real world
  • Create unlimited stories
  • High quality design and materials
  • Child-safe
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Sale! real life Pokeball
Random Pokeball With Random Pokemon
  • Real Life Pokeball
  • Each Pokeball comes with random Pokemon
  • 8 inch diameter
  • 13 different styles
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Sale! glowing race tracks 240 pieces super set with led car
Glowing Race Tracks – 240 PCS Super Set
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  • Bend, Flex and Curve the tracks in any direction
  • Easily snap the tracks together
  • Create your own race tracks in seconds
  • Tracks glow in the dark
  • Roll up function for easy storage
  • 1 included LED car that illuminates the track
4.93 out of 5
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Sale! nerf soft targets
Soft Nerf Targets
  • Soft Targets for Nerf
  • Fall down when hit
  • Count your score and declare the winner
  • Shoot with soft darts or water guns
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Sale! Marvel Avengers Super Hero Minifigures Set – 8pcs
Marvel Avengers Super Hero Minifigures Set – 8pcs
Item specifics
  • Type: Marvel Avengers
  • Classification: LEGO compatible
  • Material: High Quality ABS Plastic
5.00 out of 5
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bath tub toys
LED Tub Toys
These LED lights are specifically designed for the bath tub and will turn every bath into a disco-like experience that is so much enjoyable that your kids simply don´t want to leave the tub anymore.
  • Extremely durable
  • Child-safe materials
  • 3 different light shows
  • Long-lasting LEDs
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Sale! glow in the dark nerf darts
100 Glow In The Dark Nerf Darts
  • 100 Nerf Darts per Pack
  • Glowing in the dark
  • Suited for all Nerf Guns
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Sale! Baby Wooden Maraca Toy
Baby Wooden Maraca Toy
  • Durable wood so your baby will be able to play a long time
  • Natural wood so your baby is safe playing
  • Lovely design every baby loves
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Sale! Glowing Race Tracks Extra Car Set for magic tracks and neo tracks
Glowing Race Tracks Extension Set With Extra LED Car
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  • Extra LED Car for Glowing Race Tracks
  • Additional 56 Track Pieces
  • Extend your Track
  • Compatible With Magic Tracks and Neo Tracks
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Sale! Pokemon figures
24 Random Pokemon Figures
  • 24 random Pokemon per set
  • 3 inch size
  • Suited for Pokeballs
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Sale! water balloons refill pack
Water Balloons Refill Pack – 500 PCS
  • Refill pack for water balloon mass production set
  • 500 balloons with rubber bands to tie
  • Self-tying rubber bands so no need to knot
  • Create bunches of water balloons
5.00 out of 5
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