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How to shop for kids’ clothes?

shopping clothes for kids

Shopping for clothes and shoes for your kids is a challenge faced by all parents but it can be a pleasant and entertaining activity if you know a few basic rules. There are certain tips that can help you with this undertaking and save you time, efforts, and money.

In some cases, it is even a question of knowing where to find the piece that you need or how to determine the right size, so that you don’t end up buying infant trousers for your preschooler. It will be of great help to have a guide handy when the time for shopping comes and that is what we have attempted to provide you with. 

Basic rules to observe when buying clothes for kids

The most important thing is to choose clothes that are comfortable, practical, and that your kid loves. The last requirement should not be undermined by all means especially when your kid grows. Even toddlers can be quite stubborn as to what they will wear or not. Therefore, it is a good idea to consult your kid prior to purchasing an item as you may end up having a wardrobe full of untouched pieces of clothing.

So, here are a few basic rules that can guide you while shopping for your kids

Buy high-quality clothes

Even though your infant or toddler won’t wear them long, their clothes need to be of high quality and safe. Soft, natural materials like cotton are highly recommended. The fabric won’t irritate your child’s skin and will provide the necessary ventilation in summer while keeping them warm in winter.

Avoid designs that can be dangerous

All kinds of strings, fringe, appliqués, sparkle or the like can pose a hazard to your kid. Always put safety first when you choose clothes. Those elements should be completely avoided for infants and toddlers and if possible, for bigger children as well as they can irritate the skin. 

Make sure that you have the basics

An infant girl will look gorgeous in a dress copying her mom’s, however, this piece of clothing is not essential. Always buy the basic items first and then spend money on a few items that are rather for fun and not a necessity. 

Avoid pastel colors as they stain easy

If you choose brighter or darker clothes the stains won’t be so visible. Let’s face it – children are messy and a new piece of clothing is like a magnet for stains. So, shop wisely. 

Buy a few pieces of their favorite items

If your kid loves a particular superhero or a cartoon character, chances are they will want to carry that item every day all day long. As you will have to eventually wash it, it is smart to have a spare copy of the same item so that you can keep your kid happy. 

Involve your kids

Once your child is able to express their likes and dislikes, which can be quite early in their development, it is a good idea to involve them in choosing their clothes. Toddlers and older children will feel empowered by the right to decide and you will spend less time persuading them to dress in the morning if it is in their favorite clothes. You need to control their choices, however, as children are not always able to tell which clothes are suitable for the season. Don’t forget that their safety shall come first, so try to offer substitutes to clothes that might be a choking or strangulation hazard. 

These simple rules will facilitate your shopping and help you make a smarter decision next time you need to buy new clothes for your children. 

How to choose your kids’ clothes

When it comes to choosing your kids’ clothes, you need to keep in mind a few things:

  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Necessity
  • Price 
  • Preferences 

The ideal piece of clothing will meet all of these criteria, however, this is quite rare to achieve. At most of the cases, high-quality clothes come at a higher price. At the end of the end, it is worth paying it because it usually guarantees durability and long shelf life. 

While your infant or toddler may put certain clothes just one or two times if the piece is of high quality you can use it for their siblings or hand it down to friends, relatives. There is also the option to donate your old clothes or even sell them. At the end of the day, the investment pays back.

Try to select clothes that are comfortable, practical, and give freedom of movement, especially for younger kids who are quite active. Always ask yourself whether your kid really needs this item prior to buying it and if possible, take into account their preferences. Thus, you will have clothes that will be put to use and won’t simply hang in your closet. 

How to properly shop online for children clothes

Determining where to buy your kids clothes from is another important issue to solve. Online shopping is perhaps the most popular form in our busy lives but you may find it not so appropriate for kid’s clothes, at least at the beginning. You need to personally touch and see the different pieces of clothing before you can determine what is right for your child.

Entering a baby store for the first time can be quite exciting but can also leave you bankrupt as chances are you will want to buy everything. To be completely honest, this can happen if you shop online as well.

Online shopping, however, has a lot of benefits – it saves you time, it is more convenient, you can shop whenever you like, and in most of the cases, it can save you a lot of money if you know how to do it right. In order to learn how to properly shop online for children clothes, you need to implement the following tips into your routine:

Sign up for e-mails and briefs from your favorite shops

You will get notifications and promotional codes that can lead to a good discount.

Know the shop policy on shipping an item

Some shops ship items for free above a certain amount or only to certain areas, so make sure that you are aware of that.

Learn the terms and conditions of the return policy

Make sure to check the return and refunds policy maintained by the shop. Make sure that you know how you can return an item if it doesn’t fit or simply doesn’t meet your expectations. 

Check the fine print

Certain shops have specific requirements about the number of items you can order or limit the return options if an item is on sale, for example. Try to be informed, so that you won’t regret your purchase later. 

Keep an eye on sales and discounts

thus you can buy a lot of items at quite reasonable prices.

Buy out of season

There are a lot of bargains for clothes that are out of the season. Opt for a bigger size when you purchase items for the next season.

Check the site’s sizing

Determining the size can be tricky. Most online stores provide their own tables with measurements and sizes, so make sure to check them out prior to ordering. 

Know your rights

Last but not least, you need to know your rights as a customer and never provide information or your credit card details unless you are absolutely sure in the credibility of the shop.

TIP: quite often an online store offers better prices and discounts compared to a physical shop. If you have any doubts about the look or size of the clothes, you can visit the shop with your kids, try them on, and then go back home and order the items online. 

Determine the right style

While style doesn’t play such a significant role with infants and toddlers, it is quite important once kids start going to school. Try to buy trendy clothes that will flatter your kid’s appearance.

In case your child is attending a special event, you need to provide them with formal attire. High-quality formal wear can be quite expensive and often not really worth the investment, given the fact that your kid will probably put the outfit on only once. You can think about investing in second-hand formal clothes or borrowing an outfit from a friend or relatives. If you choose this option, though, keep in mind that there are chances of your kid ruining the outfit and be ready to pay for it.  

If in doubt about the right style, always go for the basics. Plain shirts or shorts in neutral colors can be combined with one another creating multiple outfits. After all, style is a temporary event and fashion changes quickly, so do not put too much thought on it. 

Find the right size 

One of the things that make shopping for kids difficult is determining the right size. Most of the sites offer a size chart where you can check the information but still it is important to have a basic knowledge of what you are looking for.

  • Baby clothing sizes

The size of baby’s clothes is based on months and the average size of babies. Always keep in mind that every child is individual and some may be smaller or bigger than the average size recommended for their age. The division is usually in three months but some clothes may give just one month as the size of a certain item. Thus, you will most often come across the following sizes: newborn, 0 – 3 months, 3 – 6 months, 6 – 9 months, 9 – 12 months, 12 – 18 months, 18 – 24 months. 

  • Toddler clothing sizes

Your toddler doesn’t grow as fast as infants but still, you need to have a sufficient number of each item to last you between laundries. Toddler clothes are based on their years and you can recognize that the piece of clothing is meant for them by the letter T after the number. You will come across the following sizes: 2T, 3T, 4T or Child’s XS. 

  • Children clothing sizes

Your “grown-up” kid will most probably want to determine their own outfit, so let them have a say in what you are buying. Girls and boys clothing follow the same size between 4 and 6 years and then split as sizes do not coincide with age any longer. So, if you have a kid in this age range, you are looking for the following sizes: 4 or S, 5 or M, 6 or L, and 6x/7 or XL.

Determining the right size is never easy. Sometimes, there is a difference between different brands and if you shop from foreign retailers, their sizing might be quite different. Always check for a table of sizes on the site prior to ordering your kids clothes. If you are not quite sure about the right size, better opt for a bigger item. 

Following the guidelines below will make your shopping much easier. You can check your newly acquired knowledge by selecting the best item for your kind from our online Fashion catalog.

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  1. It’s very helpful to know what to consider when picking our kids’ clothes and the importance of keeping comfort and safety in mind. Last week, my sister told me that her daughter asked for new clothes as her birthday gift, so she wants to take the opportunity to update her wardrobe, and I believe your tips will help them. Thanks for explaining how to find high-quality clothes that last for a long time.

  2. High quality clothes are often made with natural fibers. This is because natural fibers are not only more expensive, but sometimes hold up better over time. Ultimately, the fibers a product is made will tell you a lot about the product itself. High quality clothing is often made of wool, cotton, cashmere, and silk. I have been very impressed to your Article. Thank you so much.

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