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The 11 Best Baby Shoes Online

best baby shoes online review

Shoe shopping may be one of the most fun activities for some of us but when it comes to baby shoes, well, it gains a different perspective. For most parents, watching their baby make their first steps is among the most heartwarming and exciting experiences. However, to ensure that your baby feels comfortable, safe, and fresh at all times it is essential to carefully approach the baby shoes shopping and consider a few important factors which may not immediately come to find, especially if your newborn is your first child and you don’t have a lot of experience.

There is no need to worry as we are here to help you find the right pair of baby shoes! In this article, we will take you on a baby shoe journey! We will share a few pointers on purchasing shoes for your little one and provide a list of 11 pairs of baby shoes, which are considered the best ones available on the market for 2019.

Buckle up, here we go!

What you should know about baby shoes

Parents are awarded the great responsibility of selecting the perfect shoes for their toddler, which may be a heavy weight to carry. Your baby will not be able to make the decision independently yet so it is up to you to choose carefully. 

We feel obliged to warn you that trying new pairs of baby shoes will not be an easy task. The little ones are usually not very interested in the process and in addition, they won’t be able to agree or disagree with you regarding the pair that you have set your eyes on. To make the activity easier, here are some useful tips to follow. 

Select shoes that are soft. 

The material of the baby shoes it of crucial importance for the comfort of your baby’s feet. Select a pair with soft, breathable, and lightweight material to ensure that your infant will be walking on clouds at all times. Even if you have spotted the most gorgeous leather shoes, remember that comfort is first and check how flexible the material is! Plastic shoes are also a no-no when it comes to baby shoes. 

Do they actually fit? 

The best option is to try the shoes on your baby’s feet. Let them walk around in the new pair and carefully analyze their reactions. Babies’ feet usually grow at the speed of light so it is a good idea to choose a pair that is not too tight but careful not to buy shoes with too much space, which could be uncomfortable and even dangerous for your baby. 

Velcro or slip-on?

Slip-on shoes may be an ideal choice for your baby at first, but once they start crawling, chances are that the shoes will not be useful anymore as they might start falling off regularly. The process of putting the shoes back on every other minute or risking to lose a shoe on your way to the shopping mall is not very pleasant. This is why velcro straps or shoes with elastic laces are a better alternative for your baby. It is extremely easy to take the shoes on and off and adjust them accordingly to the tiny feet.

Durable Toe 

You might not have considered this as an important part of the shoe, but in fact, the toe is one of the most exposed to destruction areas when it comes to toddler shoes. Especially when crawling, children put the toe in constant contact with the ground, meaning that the shoe must be prepared in advance for the potential damage. Search for shoes with a rubber sole and certainly avoid shoes with stitching on the toe zone. This way, you will be sure that the shoe will last longer and your baby will not need to adapt to a new pair every other week.

Now that we have covered the basics, let’s look at our list of 11 top baby shoes to try in 2019.

Gucci Style Baby Shoes

This pair of baby shoes will guarantee that your little one is comfortable and safe but will also ensure that they make their steps with fashion. The material is super soft, PU leather with soft soles, which ensure that your baby’s feet will be fresh and happy at all times. This product is suitable for children from 0-18 months and offers ultimate support for your child’s first steps.

Juicy Bumbles Beautiful Soft Leather Baby Shoes

Another leather alternative, these baby shoes have been created with special care for comfort and include super soft leather. They come with a non-slip suede sole for additional grip and fully support the natural activities of your baby’s feet. With elasticated shoe mouths, you can be sure that these little helpers will not fall off easily. 

Pediped Originals for Boys and Girls

The Pediped originals have been classified as moms’ favorites for a number of reasons. They provide Velcro straps, ensuring that your baby won’t lose a shoe while playing or walking. Apart from functionality, they also offer style and can be used as a fashion statement that matches with merely anything thanks to the diverse set of colors available. 

Robeez Infant Slip-on Baby Shoes 

We already touched upon the difference between slip-on and Velcro straps. Although Velcro straps are preferable for little ones who are already crawling, slip-ons are also a great option for your baby during the first few months. This pair of shoes is among the most popular and most purchased ones by parents. This is mainly due to the fact that they are absolutely gorgeous to look at and provide ultimate comfort for the feet. 

See Kai Run Cody Smaller

The See Kai Run Cody Smaller shoes are a perfect choice for parents looking for everything in one product. They are fashionable, made from a soft and flexible material, provide breathable linings, and are certainly classified as a must-have item. The toe caps are scuff-resistant and laces are faux elastic. These shoes will keep your baby’s feet safe at all times and can be used for more classy occasions. After all, your baby too deserves to be in fashion, right?

Stride Rite SRT Juno Sandal

We finally come to a pair of sandal shoes! Warm weather can be quite unpleasant for your toddler if the shoes are not right. Although these shoes are extremely breathable and flexible, they still provide the much needed closed-toe protection, which guarantees that there is no risk of your baby harming their little toes while walking or running. Infants have not yet developed instant reactions and may sometimes place their feet in dangerous areas and if the toes are uncovered, the situation becomes even riskier!

Puma New Walker Shoes

New walkers will surely enjoy this ultimate creation. An affordable option of the market, these shoes are nicely constructed, extremely comfy to wear, and well-designed from a stylish perspective. Available in a range of colors, the Puma New Walker shoes are suitable for both boys and girls and can be perfectly combined with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt for your little one’s daily activities.

Antheron Baby Girls Mary Jane Flats

This adorable pair of shoes can leave you speechless! Made predominantly from polyurethane leather or faux leather, the shoes have hard bottom soles with anti-skid patterns. A well-cushioned insole guarantees maximum comfort and pleasure from wearing. At the same time, mommy and daddy will find the shoes easy to manage as they are easily put on and off thanks to the single strap that hooks in. 

Livebox Newborn Baby Premium Shoes

Have you ever thought about matching your baby’s outfit to yours? This pair of shoes allows you to as you can find similar designs for adults as well! The Livebox Newborn Baby Premium Shoes are made of polyurethane leather with a soft finish. They are extremely lightweight and easy to wear and in addition, offer an anti-slip pattern, which ensures that your baby will be safe on wet surfaces. The ankles will also be stable and secured thanks to the firm grip of the mouth of the shoe.

Tsukihoshi Toddler Shoes 

If you are looking for truly supportive, comfortable, and lasting toddler shoes – it is worth giving this pair a try. With a range of diverse styles available, the Tsukihoshi baby shoes have won the hearts of many around the world. They offer some extra width, which can be beneficial for most baby feet and have been authorized by the American Podiatric Medical Association for supporting the healthy growth of baby feet. The Tsukihoshi baby shoes are available for both boys and girls and can easily be matched with any outfit.

Ecosin Baby Blue Stripe Sneaker

Another fashion statement, the Ecosin Baby Blue Strip Sneaker is a lovely product designed especially for the comfort of your toddler. The shoes are made from cotton and provide a durable anti-slip sole, which offers additional support for different surfaces. This pair of shoes is ideal for new walkers as it imitates the natural feel of walking barefoot. The cotton material is breathable and suitable for warmer climates. Last but not least, the shoes are especially easy to put on and off without requiring too much effort. 

We hope that this list of suggested baby shoes will make life a bit easier. Your little one’s first steps should be welcomed by the world with joy and confidence. Offering the full support that your baby’s feet require is one of the best presents you can give your toddler.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing these fashionable wholesale baby shoes with us. As it happens, I also struggled with what style of shoes to buy for my baby. I have a question here is how do I need to choose the size of shoes for my child?

  2. the puma shoe is lifestyle fashion only. They do not offer enough space for the toes, they are synthetic and do not breathe well. A very poor choice shoe for a child.

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