Mango Reparador de Estrías del Embarazo


★ Keeps your skin hydrated and nurtured

★ Helps to prevent stretch marks and scars

★ Natural ingredients for a soft skin

★ Improves skin elasticity significantly

★ For use during and after pregnancy

★ Suited for any type of skin pago seguro PayPal tarjeta de crédito Apple Pay amazon pay

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Treat Stretch Marks The Right Way

90% of women get stretch marks during their pregnancy, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. So if you have them, you’re in good company.

Along with your sleep schedule, daytime activities or the overall sense of freedom, there are unfortunately physical changes you’ll see with a pregnancy. As the tummy grows faster than the skin can keep up with, stretch marks can happen. The reason is that the elastic fibres under the surface of the skin break. The marks often start out reddish or purple and fade to white or gray after pregnancy.

It’s always a good idea to keep your skin hydrated with a lotion or cream. It makes the skin feel better, look smoother and more toned. And as a side effect, it reduces the itchiness that can come with a growing belly.

mango pregnancy stretch marks scars cream lotion

The Mango Pregnancy and Stretch Marks Cream is perfectly suited for both, prevention during the pregnancy and aftercare after the pregnancy. Thanks for the natural ingredients your skin will stay hydrated and enriched with natural retinoid and hyaluronic acid. This results in faster healing of the skin and a significant reduction of stretch marks.

mango pregnancy stretch marks scars cream lotion


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