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Reloj despertador Sniper


sniper alarm clock alarm mode game mode

  • Infrared technology
  • 2 alarm modes and 2 game modes
  • Record your own alarm tone
  • Run with batteries or USB cable (not included)
  • Package contains the clock, a gun and an English manual

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Give it a shot

A fun new toy will make you wake up every morning with a smile

Waking up in the morning by the ring of an alarm clock stinks, no matter what. Nowadays we have all kinds of different gadgets and little helpers, but honestly I don’t care about waking up to a noisy BEEEPPPP, my favorite radio station or to my favorite song from my mobile phone. Getting up still hurts every given morning.

When I was first introduced to the Sniper Alarm Clock I was skeptical. Another gadget that makes stupid sounds and annoys me every morning, I thought. How wrong I was…



I decided to give it a shot, literally, and was amazed. I inspected the alarm clock and found out that you can record your own alarm tone. You can record your favorite song or movie scene or just simply your own voice screaming “WAKE UP NOW”. This is really fun by its own, but it gets even better, trust me.

The alarm will ring at the scheduled time as it should, and with it a target that sits (or lies) on top of the little box jumps up. In order to turn the alarm off you need to catch the infrared gun and hit the bulls eye. Easier said than done and I was fully awake immediately when I did this the first time myself. I like to hit the snooze button several times each morning, but with this gadget it was a different story. There are two alarm modes, however. The normal one will switch the alarm off if you hit the dead center of the target. The harder mode makes you hit it 5 times before it goes silent. If you’re not awake by then you should probably consult a doctor.

Additionally there are two game modes as well, so you can just use the alarm clock like a toy. My kids have a blast using this device as a toy and my oldest son now has his own alarm clock. He used to be extremely tired in the morning and catching the school bus on time was always a hassle. Luckily these times are gone, thanks to the hard alarm mode and the fact that he has to get up in order to grab his gun. We decided to place the gun on his desk, which is about 5 yards away from his bed. He loves hearing the Fireman Sam song as his wake up tone and getting up is as smooth as it can be.

If you want to wake up with a smile on your face or if you have a child that needs some morning motivation you should definitely give this amazing toy a shot as well. This set is not available in retail stores and is only available online on our shop. If you are interested in getting this please make sure to place your order today or you might miss a fantastic opportunity.


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