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Set de bijoux DIY - Créez vos propres bijoux


✖️ Create amazing rings and bracelets in 3 easy steps

✖️ Super fun for boys and girls that love jewelry

✖️ 3 bracelets and 5 rings included

✖️ Perfectly suited for any birthday party

✖️ Easy and safe to use


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Kids love to experiment and create. And not only girls love to create their own custom rings and bracelets. The brand new make your own jewellery set lets kids create amazing designs and bring them to life. Create rings, bracelets, stickers or window stickers.

The set comes with 10 different color pens, 3 blank bracelets and 5 blank rings that are waiting to be designed and taken to school or kindergarten. A special design paper helps you find cool new ideas and works as a template for dozens of great styles.

Suited either as a gift for kids or for a girly birthday party. And Moms simply love to paint and design with their kids. Designing, experimenting and creating unique jewelry has never been this fun.

faites votre propre set de bijoux bracelets et bagues en verre deco ice jewelry


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