Robofish Toy Pet Battery Powered


  • Robotic water-activated fish
  • Swims just like a real fish!
  • Batteries: 1.5V A76 or LR44 button cell
  • Note: does not include fish bowl
  • Dimensions: 7.5 cm long
  • Approx 6 hours of continuous play. Remove from water when done to preserve battery life.
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Cute Kid: I want a pet! A puppy, or a gerbil… or even a fish!
Parental Unit 1: I don’t know. It is a lot of responsibility.
Parental Unit 2: Are you going to take care of it? Are you going to feed it every day?
Cute Kid: Of course I will!

Raise your hand if this conversation has happened in your house,  moms and dads. You cave, you get the furry or feathery or finny creature… and then reality sets in.

For every kid that wants a pet (and every parent that doesn’t want to take care of it), we present RoboFish. Drop this robotic fish into water and watch it swim around just like the real thing. Available in Clown Fish or Shark, these water-activated toys are sure to amaze, plus they will live way longer than any real fish would. That means no toilet-side funerals and no awkward conversations about whether all goldfish go to heaven.


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