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Voiture RC à commande vocale avec montre intelligente


  • GBP: 39,99 £
  • GOUJAT: $39.99
  • EUR: 39,99 €
  • AUD: $39.99

  • RC car with voice control – reacts to 8 different English commands
  • Smart Watch and batteries included
  • Easy USB charging unit included
  • High quality materials for longevity
  • Long battery life for over 30 minutes driving fun
  • Overcharge protection for smartwatch and car
  • Super cool lights and sounds for hours of fun


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Voice Command  RC Car with Smart Watch


If you like RC controlled cars you will truly LOVE this amazing toy. Use 8 voice commands to steer your car or simply steer it with the smart watch the old fashioned way. You can combine the steering possibilities, of course so you can choose your indivudual way of getting the most fun out of it.


[kad_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/d-eUL2_eBdo” ]


Do you remember KITT from Knight Rider? Well, most likely your kids won’t. But when we were young didn’t we all want a car that reacted to our voices? “KITT, get me outta here”, I can’t remember how often I heard this famous sentence and spoke it to my own watch. But nothing ever happened, sadly enough.

Now this changes. The Voice Command Cars come with a smartwatch you can actually talk to. The car reacts to 8 different English commands. Go forward, Go back, Turbo, Stop, Light On, Light Off, Spin Out and Demodulation.

Simply click a button on your watch and your car awakens and starts its engine. You can opt to fully steer the car with your fingers on the smartwatch, though. Just in case you don’t want to use voice commands for whatever reason. So it’s totally up to you how you want to play.

Start your engine now and order this fantastic new revolutionary toy today. Get your kids, and yourself, the toy car you’ve ever dreamed of. Relive a part of your own childhood and see how you can share these memories with your own kids. Choose your favorite color and order your car today, before we ran out of stock.


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