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Montessori Shoelace Tying Learner
Montessori Shoelace Tying Learner
** Helps teaching your child tying
     their shoelaces within days **
  • Montessori Teaching Aid
  • Perfect size for little hands
  • Made of wood
  • Designed for perfect motoric development
  • Suited for kids between 2-8
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balance stilts
Children Balance Stilts
  • Enhance proper body balancing
  • Support outdoor play
  • Invent new games
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paper plane electric kit
Electric Paper Plane Conversion Kit
  • Paper plane engine
  • Fly hundreds of feet
  • Quick charge 10 seconds only
  • Easy to attach to any paper airplane
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snowflake bricks
Snowflake Building Bricks – 400 PCS
* Our sale stock is very limited so please hurry up before it is gone for good *  
  • Endless combinations
  • High quality, child-safe and BPA-free material
  • Make hours and hours of fun
  • Build - disenssemble - build new
  • Great toy for years to come
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water cannon
XL Water Cannon – Set of 2
  • XL water cannons
  • Reach up to 65 feet
  • Set of 2 for equal fire chances
  • Massive jet of water
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Syma X5C-1 Quadcopter Drone
Syma X5C-1 Quadcopter Drone
  • X5C has a high degree camera so you can make videos with 720p
  • Equipped with the latest 6-axis flight control systems
  • Highly elastic plastic protective circle, preventing the blades in flight Cause wear, anti-collision anti-fall performance further enhanced so it is very durable and "crash-proof"
  • Battery: 3.7V 500 Mah Li-poly Charging time: About 100 minutes (USB Charging) Flying time: About 7 minutes
  • 2.4GHz remote control
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New Joystick For Touch Tablets – 3pcs/lot
New Joystick For Touch Tablets – 3pcs/lot
  • Precision thumb stick-style joystick for your tablet or phone
  • Suction cup for quick and easy attachment
  • Auto-centering for maximum game control
  • Works with almost any game with an on-screen joystick or d-pad
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LED helicopter sling
LED Helicopter Toy – 10 PCS
  • LED helicopter  flying toy
  • Launched with rubber sling (included)
  • Perfectly suited for party bags
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twisting balloons
Twisting Balloons Party Set
  • Bright colored twisting balloons
  • Set of 200pieces
  • Great feel for accurate work
  • High quality and easy to learn
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Original Minecraft LED Torch – Hand Or Wall Mount
Original Minecraft LED Torch – Hand Or Wall Mount
  • Original Minecraft Torch for Real Life
  • Hold in hand or hang on your wall so you can use it your way
  • Can be put on a table as a flexible lamp
  • Keeps away Zombies so you can feel safe at night
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animal pacifier
Baby Animal Pacifier
++ The cutest combination ever ++
  • Food-grade, baby-safe materials
  • Enhances motoric skills
  • Never lose your cuddly toy again
  • Two-in-one benefits
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Squish Balls Building Blocks
Squishy Balls Mega Pack
  • Each Set comes with 36 additional accessories
  • They stick, the stay for endless play
  • Create and re-build over and over again
  • Built to last
  • Unleash your creativity
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Water Beads Gun With Flash Light
Water Beads Gun With Flash Light
** This special gun is not sold in stores so grab yours now **
  • Shoots water beads and foam darts
  • Shoots up to 80 feet
  • With flash light and red dot
  • Water beads are 100% biodegradable
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solar power bank
  • Solar Power Bank for unlimited energy
  • Waterproof, dustproof and drop resistant design
  • Quick charge feature for fast results
  • LED light included for emergencies
  • Comes with high quality felt bag
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speed pipes racing set
Speed Pipes Racing Set
★ Crazy Builds: Build any track you can dream of ★ Defying Gravity: The cars can climb the pipes and walls ★ 27 PCS Set for instant fun ★ Wireless Remote Controlled and Illuminated Vehicles ★ 1 Cosmic Strobe Ball as BONUS
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Bube bath crab
Bubble Bath Crab
  • Super Cute Crab Design
  • Comes with 12 nursery songs built in
  • Automatic soap bubble maker
  • Make bath time more entertaining
  • Kids just love this machine
  • Easy to clean within seconds
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