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Accessories for Glowing Race Tracks


  • Bridge
  • Turn Table
  • 4-Way-Cross
  • Bump Road

  • Further enhances any Glowing Race Track
  • Build better and more exciting tracks
  • Limitless fun for all ages
  • Bridge, Crossroad, Turn Table or Bump Road


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Build bigger, better and more exciting tracks

Have you already bought the 240 pieces Super Set? Or are you still in the process of getting it? Here’s something really great and exciting for you. Building the tracks is just an insane lot of fun and there are already thousands of kids and parents building their favorite tracks every single day. What makes it so much fun is experimenting with all kinds of different accessories, shapes and styles. Possibilities are endless – well almost.

To further enhance your experience we offer some great accessories that make every kind of track a whole lot more fun. Work in a four way crossing, a gorgeous bridge, a bump road or an automatic turning element that sends the cars back to their original directions. Only your imagination can limit your experience. What will you build?

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