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Alphanumeric Foam Letters – 36PCs

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Early language education is the foundation for the future development of your child! Scientists have proven that the education of language has much more influence on future results and begins much earlier than previously thought. These foam letter are perfectly in assisting you with this education right from the beginning as they combine play with learning. This way your child learns to associate learning with fun early on.


  • 36 Pieces (letters A-Z and numbers 0-9)
  • High quality foam material
  • Suited for bathtub
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Developmental studies suggest that children learn more and learn earlier than previously thought. In the arena of language development studies show that children’s early learning is complex and multifaceted. For example, research shows that young children rely on what has been called “statistical learning,” a form of implicit learning that occurs as children interact in the world, to acquire the language spoken in their culture. However, new data also indicate that children require a social setting and social interaction with another human being to trigger their computations skills to learn from exposure to language. Brain scientists suggest beginning as early as possible with interactive language learning. This is why these great foam letters and numbers were created. They support learning any language and building words in nearly any environment you´d like them to use. Use them during bathtime as they stick perfectly to tiles and combine bathing with learning. This way you kids learn to associate the positve feeling of play with learning which will benefit them in their whole life.


Behavioral and brain studies on developing children indicate that children’s skills, measured very early in infancy, predict their later performance and learning. For example, measures of phonetic learning in the first year of life predict language skills between 18 and 30 months of age, and also predict language abilities and pre-literacy skills at the age of 5 years. Moreover, by the age of 5, prior to formal schooling, studies show that brain activation in brain areas related to language and literacy are strongly correlated with the socio-economic status (SES) of the children’s families. The implication of these findings is that children’s learning trajectories regarding language are influenced by their experiences well before the start of school.


These colorful letters and numbers assist you perfectly building a solid foundation for your child and are so fun to play with.



  • Material: Foam
  • Ages: 0-99
  • 36 Pieces per set
  • Letters A-Z
  • Numbers 0-9

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