Arielle Diamond Painting Kit – 5D DIY Wall Art



Diamond Painting is the new and creative way of creating your own wall art. This is a fun way that involves and gets the whole family creatively engaged. Simple to learn and do, you can create some amazing wall art or mosaic canvas for your kid’s bedroom.

★ Easy to learn for young and old

★ The kit comes as a complete set to get you started

★ Create amazing wall art and pictures yourself

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How to suck your kids into creativity

With Diamond Painting you create amazing masterpieces together with your kids in a fun and easy to learn way

Diamond Painting is the new way of DIY painting. Basically it’s a mix of cross-stitching and paint by numbers. But it’s way easier and faster than these other alternatives and therefore perfectly suited to be done by the whole family.

Small little diamonds (beads/drills) are applied to a sticky canvas. This is the new interpretation of a century-old practice of creating art – also known as Mosaic. The little Rhinestones that are often called diamonds, beads or drills match a DMC color code. Like Paint by Numbers, you always know where to put them and which color they should be in. That way you create amazing pieces of art in a super fun way, no matter how young or old you are. How to get started:

We’ll send you a whole kit. That’s all you need to start. Remove everything from the package and lay out the canvas on a clean, flat surface. Select a single color diamond to start with and put them into the included tray for picking. Put a little bit of wax to the tip of the pen to make the diamonds stick better. Pick up one diamond and press it onto its corresponding symbol. That’s it. Simple right? Now you only need to repeat this process a few dozens to hundreds of times until you’re done.

Square or round – the ultimate debate

To make it short – there’s no right answer to this question. Just pick the ones that you think look better. It’s just a matter of taste.

Square beads look a bit more clean than round drills. They line up easier and create a “fuller” mosaic look when you look at the finished canvas from more distance. Maybe square ones are the better choice to start with, especially when creating together with your kids.

Round diamonds are easier to pick up with the pen, though. They somehow just seem to stick better to the pen, making the transition more seamless. On the finished art you can see more gaps and the overall look feels “less complete”, given the round shape of the beads.

Find your technique

There are many different ways of applying the little diamonds to the canvas. But there’s no better of right one. Develop your own way of creating and try different techniques until you find the one that suits your style best. Just browse YouTube and search for Diamond Painting to find countless techniques and tips.


What’s included with each Diamond Paining Kit?

5d diamond painting kit what's included?

  1. Printed Adhesive Canvas
  2. 6 Head Point Diamonds Pen
  3. High Quality Resin Diamonds
  4. Tweezers
  5. Wax
  6. Diamonds Tray
  7. Tip Paper


Simply select your favorite style and painting and put in your order now. We’ll pack your kit securely and ship it to you for absolutely free. No strings attached. Start creating and suck your kids into creativity!


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