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Baby Knee Pads

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★ Protect Baby’s Knees

★ Super comfortable and cosy

★ Warm and breathable

★ 100% pure cotton

★ Better grip, better protection


Made with Eco Friendly Materials

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As soon as a baby becomes more active you become more active as well. Suddenly you need to think about security a lot more. You need to hide stuff that could get dangerous and need to cover sharp edges of tables, chairs and other furniture. But what about some gear that protects sensitive areas of you baby’s body?

Sure, diapers are a really great protection for baby’s butt and you can’t give baby a helmet to protect their head. But as soon as the little ones begin to crawl around the house you will notice that knees need protection as well. Baby’s knees are a direct connection the the floor. The skin is rather thin and gets injured really fast. Additionally bruised knees can occur quite often as well.

To solve all this we have created a special, super soft protection for baby’s knees. The knee pads work similar to socks and are just as comfortable as the cosiest one you can imagine. They are made of 100% pure cotton and therefore are totally breathable. High elasticity guarantees a perfect fit and your baby won’t even notice them at all.

A special silicone surface protects baby’s knees from shocks and falls while providing more grip at the same time.

Grab a pair today for your baby or as a gift and you’ll receive a very special product that is not available in local stores.

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