Balloon Machine & Launcher – Complete Set

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★ EASILY INFLATES BALLOONS: The easy and safe to use station helps little ones inflate balloons on their own. No more help of adults will be needed

★ COMPLETE SET: This toy comes as a complete set with a pump and launch station, two cars, a crab, a rocket, an astronaut and an adapter

★ 4 GORGEOUS DESIGNS: Choose from 4 cool and funny designs that kids just love to play with

★ NO BATTERIES – JUST PHYSICS: Besides endless hours of fun, this toy teaches basic physics to kids secure checkout PayPal credit card Apple Pay amazon pay


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Kids love balloons. Well, not only kids, I guess. I catch myself playing with balloons, kicking and punching them whenever I find one lying around. Balloons are just great to play with.

But for many children it is really hard to inflate a balloon with their mouthes. And if you’ve been asked to inflate balloons for your kids a million times per day, you are maybe happy that this new toy can replace your hard work.

The new Ballon Machine & Launcher helps little ones inflate balloons easily. The handy pump does all the work  for you and doesn’t require any batteries or artificial helpers. It teaches simple physics and is so much fun to use. But the best is yet to come.

Don’t we all love it when balloons fly through the air in funny ways when let loose? I can remember my own kids doing this endless times and the fun was always there – even if they already did this like a thousand times. Now imagine a little astronaut being attached to the balloon. Wouldn’t this be even cooler? Or what about a balloon powered car or vehicle? Or a rocket?

The Balloon Machine & Launcher has it all. It comes as a complete set. It comes with an easy to handle pump station, two different cars, a crab, a rocket and an astronaut. All of these toys can be launched in a unique way and it’s so much fun to experiment with them. So whether you’re just looking for a solution for your kids to inflate balloons by themselves, want a toy that keeps them interested for hours, days and weeks or if you want them to actually learn something about physics while playing. This is the right toy for you.

The complete set comes in four different styles. Either choose from a grumpy yellow face, a happy duck, a frog or a black bird style. Be prepared for a bunch of laughter at home and endless hours of fun.

3 reviews for Balloon Machine & Launcher – Complete Set

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    Great game. Got in 2weeks. Israel
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    Very fun, the kids love it!
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