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Electric Paper Plane Conversion Kit

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  • Paper plane engine
  • Fly hundreds of feet
  • Quick charge 10 seconds only
  • Easy to attach to any paper airplane
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Paper Planes 2.0


This electric conversion kit takes your homemade paper airplanes to a new level. Power your plane up and let it fly hundreds of feet for about 30 seconds. After that quick charge it 10 seconds before you can launch it again. All you have to do is attach this kit to the nose of your airplane. You won´t have to worry about any danger because you can always fold a new plane with a piece of paper.

Customer reviews

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5 reviews for Electric Paper Plane Conversion Kit

Henry Bowman
This thing is a blast! I bought one prior to taking my son to a cub scout outing. The first tries were less than stellar. This was not the products...we just made a poor airplane - the boys made suggestions on how to improve the plane and through trial and error we tweaked the plane into a flying machine of high quality. Our first flight was mere seconds, but over time we increased the flight time on the plane we made to almost 3 minutes. After that, they spent hours chasing after the plane. Recharge times were fast enough to keep the boys happy, and the ability to discharge the device was very helpful at lunch time. As far as durability: 12 boys ages 10-12 years old bounced it off of a few trees, pulled on it, hit the parking lot a few times, and even got it stuck on the roof once. (I know it says indoor use, but...) The PowerUp 2.0 is still running. My son now has a new goal in life, he want to be an Aeronautical Engineer. I am now happily subjected to my 11 year old telling me about how ailerons work and how we can optimize the airfoil effect of a paper airplane wing to best increase lift. Some toys are worth more than what you pay for them.
Peter Roberts
I am so glad I purchased this little unit. My sons and I had a fantastic time flying it all over the School yard. We had one flight that must have hit an up-current and the paper plane traveled over one hundred yards as it was circling the entire time! Way better than we ever expected.
David Armstrong
My 9 year old nephew was over the moon when he got it for a birthday present. As former educator I liked the idea that he could experiment with different paper airplane designs and keep using it. Anything that inspires creativity and innovation is a great toy.
Lucas Frye for the whole office.
Brian Auerbach
I bought this as a gag for a relative who is in the aerospace engineering program in college. He absolutely loves it. The box looks like an antique toy box. The mechanism works well to keep the paper plane aloft. A lot of fun.
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