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Interactive Baby Monkey

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Our new interactive baby monkeys will conquer your heart in no time. Over 40 different sounds wait for you to discover them. Give them a grab to almost anything you like and carry them with you wherever you go. Hang them upside down by their tails, blow them kisses, tap their heads or interact with them in many exciting ways. Grab a fantastic product at a fantastic sales price today as long as it lasts…


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How to play


Tap their heads

The baby monkey has two special sensors on top of his head. Tap the head once or twice on either side to trigger a variety of different reactions and emotions!




Hang them upside down

Though electronic and interactive, they´re still baby monkeys. And little baby monkeys love to hang upside down by their tails. Try it yourself and see what happens. But be prepared for some hysterical laughter…


Pet them

Babies need some love and care and your new baby monkey is no exception. Give him some tender care and they´ll soak it up by returning happy eye blinks and super cute sounds.




Make them toot

Yes, our baby monkeys do that as well. Just cup your hand on top of their heads to see –  and hear – what happens. Try it while turning their world upside down to trigger a different body reaction – SURPRISE!




Blow some kisses

Try blowing kisses at your interactive baby monkey and it will make adorable little sounds right back at you. Maybe you´ll be able to catch a kiss back. Unless you make it sneeze…




Get them talking

These little electronic monkeys are a chatty bunch making over 40 different sounds and responding differently depending if they are upside down, lying down or right-side up. Get creative and find out what sounds they can make. (Clapping your hands might help…)




Rock them to sleep

Baby monkeys need their naptime and playing with you all day makes them tired at times. Cradle them in your hands, rock them to sleep and watch them drift to dreamland while making all kinds of super sweet sleepy sounds. Singing them a lullaby helps them fall asleep as well…





Give them a grip

Your new baby monkey loves to grab things. Let him grip your finger, your pen, the side of your notebook, your straw or lighter. The closer he stays to you the more comfortable he will feel.




Let them sing

Clap your hands twice and your new friend starts singing. And if you were lucky enough to have two or more of them they will sing together and form the cutest choir in the world.





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White, Pink, Blue, Purple, Black, Sky Blue, Unicorn

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