Kawaii Squishies – 20 different pieces set


★ 20 different styles per set

★ Super soft

★ High quality emulated PU materials that is environmentally safe and non-toxic

★ 4-7 cm / 1.5 – 2.5 inch size – varies with style

★ Relaxing and stress-reducing

★ Squish them, throw them and play with them


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Cute…cuter…Kawaii Squishies

Kawaii Squishies took the world by storm when they were first introduced. Now almost everyone who has ever touched one of those little soft pillow-like figures is obsessed with them.

While fidget spinners were cool for only a season, Squishies came to stay. They’re available in all kinds of shapes, forms, colors or animal styles. It is so calming to play around with them, not only under stress or pressure. Their stress reducing nature helps kids and adults alike to concentrate better and focus more. And they’re so fun and relaxing to just play around with in your hands.

We give you 20 different pocket-sized squishes with the purchase of each set. So you get plenty of them to have them available in your car, hand bag, pocket bag, in every room and for any situation. And you can give a few to your partner, kids and friends too.

And by the way, they’re the hit at any party or for kids’ birthdays!


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