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Minions Toothpaste Dispenser

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** Make dental care fun for your kids **

  • Prevent cavities
  • Less discussions before bedtime
  • Saves toothpaste and avoids messes
  • Automatic toothpaste dispense
  • Easy to clean

Make dental care fun again

Chances are that your kids hat to brush their teeth. Maybe they do it but only because they are forced to do it. The results are ofentimes alarming and can easily end up in your kids getting cavities.

Good news

Kids can easily get motivated by putting them in situations that are a lot more fun. It is very likely that you experienced instances where your child was kind of obsessed with an activity that was so much fun for them that they wanted to repeat this activity over and over again.

Imagine you could create this same process for your child brushing their teeth.

With our super cool Minions Toothpaste Dispenser this is likely to happen. Once your child puts their toothbrush into Minion´s mouth toothpaste will be dispensed automatically, which results in more brushing, less discussions and much less chances for cavities eventually.

Bonus functions

Your new best friend will stick to your bathroom wall so you free up some space around your sink. It not only works as a toothpaste dispenser but also as a toothbrush holder.

Save toothpase, time, nerves and bring back fun into your bathroom. Your child will love it!

Our 100% Bulletproof Satisfaction Guarantee:

We are 100% convinced of our products and know that they do a great job. However, if you are not satisfied, we have a 30-day no questions asked refund guarantee. So rest assured that if you have any issues, we have you covered!

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