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Pop Suckers

(25 customer reviews)


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  • Worldwide Free Shipping
  • Award Winning Toy Innovation
  • Encourage creativity, fine motor skills, interaction and experimentation
  • Pop Suckers connect easily and POP! apart
  • High quality BPA-free silicone
  • Leave no marks or residue

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Fun Little Suckers


They flex. They stick. They suck you into creativity.

Apply pressure to two Pop Suckers – and as the air rushes out the fun rushes in!


Pop Suckers connect to each other and to any solid, non-porous surface. Once they take hold, it takes some pull to separate them. And when they make they unique, magical POP! sound – your hands and ears will be absolutely delighted.

But please beware! This POP! sound is extremely addictive and you may even dream of it.


Pop Suckers love to connect with each other and enjoy the presence of fellow suckers. Together they have only one goal – building creative things. They arrange themselves to become vehicles, jewelry, rockets, animals or sculptures.

Pop Suckers are always up for playful experimentation. They enjoy defying gravity and stick to bathtubs, windows, school lockers, tabletops, computers and laptops – and they never leave a trace of their presence.


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Customer reviews

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25 reviews for Pop Suckers

My kids love it, the only thing they complained about is that it doesn’t stick for a long time.
My granddaughters love it.
Sonja Bench
Great product, kids love to play with them. Had ordered them for Christmas but it took over a month to receive them . Got them beginning of January which was disappointing!
Got this for my grandson and though a good product, when they eventually arrived a month after ordering disappointed they arrived packed in a small plastic bag which no doubt will rip when trying to put back in, will have to purchase a box, whereas my son bought them in smyths toy shop so much cheaper and they came in a plastic tub....
Jennifer Brookes
These are for a Christmas gift but I can't wait for my granddaughter to see them!
Gill Platt
Product itself is great. Unfortunately it arrived with no box or instructions or anything, simply in a clear plastic bag. As this was bought as a gift, I then had to send a link to the video to the mum to show her how to use it. Quite disappointed.
I bought this for my autistic granddaughter She loves them and finds them easy to play with . You definitely recommend them
Linda Park
Great product: My 4 yr old grandson absolutely loved this product, spent hours playing with them in the bath. I ordered (2 x 48), but unfortunately only received 1 set. KidsBaron are looking into it!
B Bailey
This is a Christmas present so the grand children haven't played with them yet.
Tyler Schlichting
This is an amazing toy. I'm a pediatric occupational therapist and have used these to target a variety of skills. Kids love them. The seller shipped quickly and for a fair price. I will most likely purchase again as these Pop Suckers are my go to gift.
Barbara Bishop
These kept catching my eye but I held off because of the price. I finally caved and ever since they arrived, my 18 month old son has loved them. Half of them stay auctioned on the glass on our French doors. He loves sticking them to thinks and stacking them, and even biting them (like a teething toy). Easy to clean, definitely wish I had decided to buy them a long time ago.
Latricia Rivera
These Pop Suckers are a big hit in our house! They’re a favorite to just stick together and pull apart (they make a “silly sound”). We’ve also used them to build off the tables and windows. Next up is sticking them to the window and dropping balls down through them! My 2 1/2 year old stays entertained for 10-15 minutes of independent play with these (a big win!), but mostly they’re fun for the entire family. They don’t take up a lot of space, they’re very durable, and they provide a satisfying “pop” when pulled apart, plus a great texture/size for little hands. I think these will be great in the preschool years and beyond for teaching addition and subtraction too! Fun for the entire family, a great way to keep little hands busy and easy clean up—- these are a total winner at our house!
Elizabeth Wiesner
I have three kids (4, 8, 11) & they all love these things, especially the younger two and when used in the bathtub! They create lots of little “bridges” and funky towers or structures. Fun toy! Just be sure to store them in a way they dry out so mold doesn’t grow...I put them upside down in the container without lid, on a meshed surface so the water drains and air gets in to dry them.
Jonathan Turner
While the toddler loves these to play with and chew on, the teenagers are just as enthralled. They stick great on high chairs and stroller trays for the baby. The teenagers manage to stick them to their foreheads, walls, tables, you name it! Creative play at its finest!
Charlene Whitt
My son LOVES these. We use them for sensory and visual stimulus. They attack to a plastic mirror stand we have and he LOVES ripping them off. He also has a wheelchair with a tray that these suction too. They are so versatile in what you can do with them. Even my Eight Year Old has found ways to play with them. AWESOME!
Jeffrey Roache
Fun toy for creative play. Suction works great to connect the pieces or to stick them on other surfaces. The down side to this toy is the number of pieces for the price. With one set, you are limited in what you can "build" with these non-traditional building toys. The suction seems to be the most intriguing aspect and overshadows the building.
Elvia Johnson
My grandchildren (ages 2 and 4) seriously LOVE these things! And I admit to having just as much fun with them sometimes as they do. Highly recommended for the little ones in your life.
Cora Hawes
The popping noise of this toy caused my granddaughter to laugh like crazy when she was only about a year old, so I had to buy a set for her. She is almost two now and still loves for her dad to stick these onto his forehead or unto her face or arms. I'm sure she will continue to enjoy them as she learns to stick them together. Unique toy.
Ruth Thomas
This product was bought for my nephews 4th birthday and he absolutely loves them. He sticks them on everything, and loves building towers with them!
Karen Houston
My son loves these. We first discovered them through daycare, and bought our own set. He loves when we make figures out of them by suctioning them together. We play with them in the bath, on the windows, pretty much everywhere. He also likes to try to stick them to his other toys. We've gotten lots of play out of this set. Money well spent.
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