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Talking Hamster Plush Toy


toy award talking hamster

  • Furry and super soft – Kids love how they feel
  • Super funny and cute hamster voice repeats everything
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Award winning toy
  • Unbeatable sales price


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talking hamster toy chatimals


Talking Hamster – Fun for the whole family

Are you ready to meet speaking hamsters and mice? No, you don´t need to be Dr. Dolittle to speak to your pets. Just talk to them and – in this specific case – they will repeat what you have said, but in a super funny and cute way.


Our talking hamsters are one of the top toys of the year and come in light brown, dark brown or grey. Just put in some batteries, turn them on and have fun for hours. Make funny phone calls or just place them on the table whenever you have guests to entertain them immediately.


But the ones having the absolute most fun with these are obviously our little ones. Babies explore sounds and voices with these hamsters and bigger kids enjoy talking lots and lots of crazy stuff to them. Whatever the reason may be, these furry hamsters bring giggles and laughter to every room they enter. Make sure to grab one or they might be gone for good.



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