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Twisting Balloons Party Set


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  • Bright colored twisting balloons
  • Set of 200pieces
  • Great feel for accurate work
  • High quality and easy to learn
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Buy a set of 200standard twisting balloons that will enhance every party. Bright colors and a very great feel make it easy to create animals, vehicles or even superheroes if you get a little experience. Kids love to try out new forms and styles and especially like to create accessories with these balloons. Let your kids get creative and get them engaged for hours. Maybe you can save your life on rainy days when you bring these to the table as everybody will immediately begin to play around and create different stuff. Daddys can show their talent and teach kids how to do simple things first and then expand to more advanced sculptures once they´ve mastered the basics. At you can find several videos and tutorials about creating all kinds of super cool animals or characters for great inspiration.

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