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Water Balloon Mass Production – 111 self-sealing balloons

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  • Kids and adults love these
  • Self-tying, so no need to knot
  • Create bunches of balloons in 1 minute
  • Reusable and very easy to refill
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable

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Self-tying water balloons – hottest summer trend 2017 !

Never fill water balloons the old fashioned way again. Do you remember numb fingers and hours of filling? These times are gone forever. With this set you get pre-tied water balloons that tie themselves when you remove the filling straws. That way you create loads of water grenades in no-time. The hose attachments are reusable and even suited for watering your flowers. Get our refill packs for unlimited water fun.

You get 111 water balloons that are ready to use in 1 minute and you don´t need to knot yourself. The balloons come in 3 bunches with 37 balloons each.


Customer reviews

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11 reviews for Water Balloon Mass Production – 111 self-sealing balloons

John Spurrier
Just buy them. You won't regret it. Your kids will love you. You ever fill up 100 water balloons with a beer in your hand? I did.
They did fill up quickly and easily, however, we were setting up for a party and filled these up before everyone showed up, and all the water leaked out before anyone even got to the party! A waste of money in this instance. And nowhere on the box did it say anything about that. However, if I find them on sale, I might buy them again, knowing I have to use them right away.
Rachel Crowe
I was looking for some fun backyard games for the 4th of July BBQ party. We had some 15 young couples with their kids over, we thought the new inflatable pool and the inflatable jumping castle is going to be the highlight for the kids, but I was wrong. Once I got the water balloons out for the kids, everybody including the adults had to get involved and run for safety not to get wet. The adults end up going for the first 100 balloons, which were intended for the kids. I was glad I got over 300 balloons for that day, so we set up new rules where only kids can throw balloons and the adults can only hit back if they were able to catch it. We also played another game where kids and parents all line up and try to pass the balloon to each other without getting it to pop. The kids had the best time with these balloons. For next year I am planning on getting a good 1000 balloons. It only took around 45 seconds to fill them up. I filled up the balloons inside a water bucket to ensure they won't pop. The first time I wasn't sure if the balloons will drop on their own once they are filled up. You would actually need to lift up the water hose so they can drop in the water bucket. It's a genius design. I have to say, the adults had more fun than the kids. Would love to hear some other game ideas. I highly recommend this product! If my review helped you, could you please click "helpful" button below. Thank you!
Leesa Reardon
Worked just like expected. Maybe 3 or 4 balloons popped when filling up, but they do give you a few extra just invade this happens. Would buy again
Jennifer Reep
These are the best thing ever invented. My son bought some at the store and the cheapest i have found them is $10.99 for a 3 pack. This 3 pack is only $4.99 if you have the money grab as many as you can these are the best things ever.
Mary Ortiz
This really pleases the lazy person in me, especially on a hot day. 35water balloons and you can have them filled and in a laundry basket in less than a minute. Yes there are sources for balloons that are cheaper, and yes you can fill those up and save some money. That said if you want the instant gratification of sitting on the sofa now and 5min from now having over 100 water balloons filled and be tossing them, this is for you. If you want to fill some time being a bit more frugal you can also get the refill here Bunch Water Balloon Refill and reload the hose adapter during some mind numbing TV. Also everything is recyclable or biodegradable. It's not cheap, but it sure is quick and easy!
Esther Glover
Great deal. Just bought 4 packs. My son has been loving these all summer.
Edna Hayes
Yes! We have these. Aren't they awesome?!?!
Vera Sthilaire
Great product. All the balloons filled up super quick for a water balloon fight. Love these.
Katherine Bowers
Fantastic invention and purchase. Used this for a party, well worth every penny. Filled 100 balloons in less than 3 minutes. Love this product. Will never fill a water balloon the old fashioned way again.
Gloria Fiecke
These were so fun!! I had seen the videos but I doubted they would work--but they did! We love these and would buy again!
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