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Water Balloons Refill Pack – 500 PCS

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  • Refill pack for water balloon mass production set
  • 500 balloons with rubber bands to tie
  • Self-tying rubber bands so no need to knot
  • Create bunches of water balloons
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Customer reviews

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3 reviews for Water Balloons Refill Pack – 500 PCS

Kristin Estrada
Its a great way to reuse the straws, as I love my kids but do not want to keep buying 10 to 12$ worth of straws with ballons each pack. Gets very expensive. This is a very clever idea, yea its a little time consuming to put the ballons on the straws but totally worth it for this price.
Ashley Sturdivant
My kids have recently discovered water balloons are a ton of fun and relatively affordable so we were going through them like crazy when a friend of mine recommended the Balloon Monsoon brand multi fill water balloon system. You can fill nearly 40 water balloons in seconds and there is no need to tie the balloons with the nifty mini rubber bands. My kids love watching and helping with the filling process. We had several huge water fights and a ton of fun but we soon found we wanted more balloons. I came across the opportunity to receive a discounted pack of these aGreatLife refill kits in exchange for my honest review and couldn't be happier I did. for cheaper than buying a whole new kit we got all the balloons rubber bands and a tool in the kit. Before long we were back bonding and playing together as a family. I plan to get a few of these each summer since the kids and adults just had a blast getting outside and engaging in some good clean fun.
Yolanda Hansen
I purchased this in attempt to have refills for my sticks that blow up multitudes of water balloons at once. I find that there is a trick to everything. With the sticks, you had to hold the balloons high as you can without removing the balloons from their sticks or the ground so they could grow real big. After all balloons had been promptly thrown at anything with a pulse, we were left feeling like the fun should not end. I ordered some of these balloons at a discount for my honest and unbiased review, with all of my thoughts and opinions of my own. I noticed when this package came in, that they just looked like regular water balloons. Nothing special. I was starting to feel like I was ripped off until I noticed a few things. There was a bag mixed in with rubber bands an applicator stick. This made reapplying them back to the sticks a breeze. It still took a while to get a hang off but doing a bunch of 30 at a time didn't take very long at all. Like in the description, for those that were not popped afterwards, they could be reused. If they couldn't be reused, they were biodegradable. I was so happy with this set that I cannot wait to get another one.
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