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How to Choose the Best Potty for Potty Training Your Kids

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Potty training is an emotional process for both kids and parents and requires a lot of preparation. One of the most important steps is to make sure that your kid is actually ready for potty training. Keep in mind that this is individual and even siblings may have quite a different attitude towards this process.

When it comes to preparing for potty training, parents need to pay attention to all the necessary items they need to purchase in addition to the potty. And selecting the right potty for your kid is probably the trickiest of all questions. Chances are, that you would have to buy more than one, especially if you are not aware what is the difference between the various types offered on the market. 

One of the common potty-training problems reported by almost all parents is that kids are afraid to use the potty or the toilet (in case you have decided to go with a potty seat). One of the ways to be prepared for it is to know exactly what the market offers and how to find the best solution for your toddler. 

Potty Chair Vs Potty Seat

The difference between a potty chair and a potty seat is quite obvious but choosing the right one for your family is not that easy. You need to take into account two major factors – what does your child want and what does your child like. The toddler may not feel the same way about a potty seat, for example, as you do.

In order to make your decision easier, we will try to present you with the basic differences between a potty chair and a potty seat with their pros and cons. Thus, knowing the features of the product and your child’s preferences, it might be a bit easier to choose the best potty for potty training your kid.

The most distinctive difference between a potty chair and a potty seat is that the potty chair is a separate product that is used only by your toddler. The potty seat, often called seat reducer, is an addition to your actual toilet that aims to reduce the seat to a child-friendly size. It can be placed either on top of your existing seat or replace it. 

  • Pros and cons of a potty chair

One of the biggest advantages of potty chairs is that they are portable. Thus, you can place them in any room that makes your child feel comfortable. Quite a few kids are afraid of the toilet, so the potty gives you the option to skip it at this stage. Besides, potties are usually light enough for your toddler to be able to carry them around.

The attractive design of a potty should not be underestimated at all. That might be the breaking point of your kid loving to sit on it as visual stimulation plays a significant role at this age. There are even musical potties who play music once the little one is done with the job. 

Potty chairs are designed for kids, which means that they will feel comfortable when sitting on them. Keep in mind that there are different sizes, so pick the one that fits perfectly your little one.

Another great plus of the potty chair is that it promotes independence. Your toddler can sit and stand up once done on their own, which gives them a sense of a being able to cope with something without assistance. The overall effects are stimulating for the child.

Some of the potties can be converted into rocking chairs or play toys afterward.

The disadvantage of the potty chair is the part where you have to clean it. Therefore, it is good to check in advance if the process on emptying the potty is a simple one or you are required to disassemble half of it every single time you need to empty and clean it. 

  • Pros and cons of a potty seat 

The potty seat is very easy to install and use. It usually comes with handles for better safety and most of the seats have padded cushion for a better comfort. Potty seats are usually quite colorful and you can even find them in the motifs of your kid’s favorite cartoon. 

Their main advantage is that they are easy to maintain and do not require additional cleaning, except the care you usually take of your toilet. Many kids love them as the potty seat gives them the opportunity to use the toilet the same way grown-ups do.

A possible disadvantage of the potty seat can be that your child cannot reach the toilet to sit there on their own. You can solve the problem by buying a stool to assist the kid in their efforts. Initially, of course, you will have to place them and stay with them to make sure they are safe. If you choose a potty seat that replaces your normal toilet seat, this means that you are dedicating this toilet to your toddler only. This can be a problem for one-toilet households. The easiest way to solve it is by selecting a removable potty seat. 

Types of Potty Chairs

If you think that by choosing to use a potty chair your dilemma with potty training is solved, you are far from right. There is a myriad of different potties on the market and finding the right one for your toddler might be a tough job. Do not forget that you also need to take into account details like the color and decoration of the potty along with its overall design. Your little princess may not be thrilled to use an ordinary potty, so why not offer her a throne instead. 

Here is a list of the most popular potty chairs that you can choose from along with their main advantages and disadvantages. 

  • Simple plastic one-piece potty

This is the simplest potty chair you can buy and usually the cheapest. Its main advantages are that it is very simple to use, portable, compact and lightweight. The low profile allows the kid to sit on their own and take a natural squatting position suitable for toileting. There are no sharp edges or gadgets that can harm your kid even unintentionally. It is generally easy to empty and clean. You can find these potty chairs in a great variety of colors and designs and choose the one that attracts your toddler. The disadvantage is that you need to tip the entire potty into the toilet in order to empty it. It is also not very suitable for larger children as it is too small for them. 

  • Potty with a removable chamber pot

This type also comes in a great variety of designs, some of which offer extras as a toilet paper holder or are shaped like a throne or a favorite toy in an attempt to lure the kid into using them. The advantages are that the cup makes it easy to empty and clean the pot. In addition to that, some potties come with a lid. This is probably one of the most common types of potty chairs. The disadvantages are that the cup may pinch the child’s bottom or thighs and that most of the versions are not very portable because of their construction and weight. 

  • Multifunctional potty chairs 

These potties are quite popular in recent years as you purchase one product that may contain a potty chair, removable potty seat, a step stool and even a compartment for toys into one. Some of the potty chairs can be transformed into rocking chairs once the kid is trained. The biggest advantage is that such potty chairs usually provide an easier transition to the adult toilet. The disadvantage is that it is large and bulky, occupies too much space and is not easily portable. In addition to that multifunctional potty chairs are also quite expensive. 

The travel potty: pros and cons 

There is one special type of potties – the travel potty. Many parents prefer to buy that item as well, to make sure that the proper potty training of their kids will continue while they are on the road as well. There are both travel potty chairs and travel potty seats offered on the market. You can choose the item depending on the type of potty you are using at home – chair or seat and thus provide a similar experience and routine for your kid. 

Travel potties offer convenience and safety for the child and help you maintain higher levels of hygiene.

The disadvantage is that they are an additional expense and they are not suited for everyday use.

Keep in mind that any changes to the potty-training experience, such as taking the kid away from the familiar bathroom or their favorite potty may incur anxiety and withdrawal. Hence, travel potties can be a life-saver in such a situation, providing both parents and kids with the necessary tool to cope with the travel. 

Boy or girl: What potty shall we select?

When choosing a potty, it is necessary to take into account whether we are training a boy or a girl to use it.

Keep in mind that there is a difference in potty-training a boy compared to that of a girl. Boys need to learn to use the potty initially while seating and then learn to urinate while standing up. Potty chairs and potty seats for boys are usually equipped with a splash guard. Parents need to be extremely careful with that, as it may hurt the boy’s genitalia if it is too protruding and that can entail negative associations with using the toilet. 

One clever assistant for parents of boys are the funny urinals that can be attached to the wall of the bathroom and allow a grown-up experience for the toddler. The toilet may be too high for the kid to aim at, so a urinal placed at his height will be the ideal tool to help you teach your boy pee while standing. The colorful Frog Baby Urinal is a great help for any parent and will make potty training a much funnier experience for your boy.

What do you need to buy for potty training (except the potty)? 

Keep in mind that preparing for potty training does not involve only buying the potty itself. You will need a few more items in order to be completely ready for this journey:

Training pants

Training pants are a good start for the potty-training process. You are substituting the diaper but still keeping your kid dry.

Grown-kids underwear

Choose undies that your kid finds attractive so that they want to wear them

Easy on and off pants

Make sure that the pants your toddler wears are easy to take off and put back on so that they can manage with this activity by themselves

Plastic stool

Use a plastic stool for the toilet in case you have opted for a potty seat. This item will give more independence to your child

Kid friendly soap and wipes

They will encourage your toddler to go through the entire routine of using the toilet

Protective mattress cover

Staying dry during nap or at nighttime usually takes a bit longer. Hence, it is good to invest in a cover that will protect the mattress from occasional accidents

Waterproof mattress protectors

These are also a must for bedtime

More sheets

You will need to change sheets as a result of accidents so make sure that you have enough on stock

Arm yourself with the above-mentioned products and a lot of patience and you are ready to take the road to potty training. Meantime, you can also have a look at some of our products that can help you and your toddler in this important task.

Here are the links to our products that will help you with potty training:

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