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Little Cutie Baby Nail Trimmer


SAFE & EFFECTIVE – Automatic safety nail file to trim and polish finger- and toenails

WHISPER-MOTOR – Super quiet motor that lets you trim baby’s nails while they’re sleeping

TOOL FOR ALL AGES – 6 different cushioned files for babies, kids and adults

SETTINGS FOR MAXIMUM COMFORT AND RESULTS – 4 speed and rotation modes for maximum control

INTEGRATED NIGHT LIGHT – Lets you work while lights are low

LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT DESIGN – Super handy for traveling or storage


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Protection and safety

As babies grow so do their nails. Without proper nail care babies can easily scratch their own soft skin and hurt themselves with their nails. As they grow bigger and bigger you might even find it harder to trim your kids’ nails without losing half of your nerves. We are all used to these kinds of situations and finally created the solution.

The Little Cutie Baby Nail Trimmer protects babies by trimming their nails with safe baby nail files. A super quiet motor and a little LED light let you do your job even while baby is sleeping within seconds. Imagine how much work, stress and nerves this will save you alone.

Filing is better than cutting

The battery operated tool works by gently filing, rather than cutting or clipping. This is done with a cushioned, circular pad. Finger nails are sensitive and need the right treatment. By clipping or cutting nails nails can break or split. That’s why professional manicurists recommend filing nails.

Pampering for all ages

The best thing about the Little Cutie Baby Nail Trimmer is its versatility. It comes with 6 different file cushions that are suitable for all ages. Even adults can use this great tool. This makes it the best all around nail trimming tool for the whole family and should be a part of every household.


little cutie baby nail trimmer


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