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Crazy Bricks – For clever kids

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  • 81 Pieces included
  • Super easy to assemble
  • Millions of possibilities
  • Enhance logical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Super fun for little engineers

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Kids love to build! And kids learn by playing. In times where iPads and Playstations are more and more flooding our households it is getting harder to entertain your kids with “real toys”.

Our super cool crazy bricks combine the best of both worlds: Your kids need to build their own cars, houses, machines or whatever they feel like. But through the electric component these parts, vehicles and machines do really work and move.

Introduce your kids to some real world engineering and teach them basic problem solving skills that transfer into the digital world as well. They develop logical comprehension that coders and programmers use every day, but in a playful and friendly way.

Possibilities are endless and there´s so much to discover with our new crazy bricks building blocks. Grab your set today or order two for even more options and fun.


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XL Storage Play Mat
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glowing race tracks 240 pieces super set with led car
Glowing Race Tracks – 240 PCS Super Set
  • Bend, Flex and Curve the tracks in any direction
  • Easily snap the tracks together
  • Create your own race tracks in seconds
  • Tracks glow in the dark
  • Roll up function for easy storage
  • 1 included LED car that illuminates the track
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talking hamster chatimals
Talking Hamster Plush Toy
toy award talking hamster
  • Furry and super soft - Kids love how they feel
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Walkie-Talkie Watch Set – Military Style
Walkie-Talkie Watch Set – Military Style
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  • Each order comes with a set of 2 watches
  • Up to 500 feet (150m)
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building magnets 32 pcs value pack
Building Magnets Educational Toy 32 PCS
kid safe seal materials
Developing cognitive, mathematical, analytical and problem solving skills has never been this fun. Kids simply love to play with these super cool Building Magnets that are so fun for years to come. Build play and reengineer, as often as you like. This set is all that it takes to get started. Get this amazing set today or it might be gone for good soon. Your child will honor it...

Benefits you will experience:

  • Better preparation for kindergarten and school tasks
  • Shape and color recognition
  • Enhancement of problem solving skills
  • Improvement of fine motor skills
  • Better spatial awareness
  • Better focus and patience
  • Shift of creativity and imagination
  • Development of math and scientific skills
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Wooden Tetris Puzzle – Brain Teaser Toy
$19.99 - NOW FREE Wooden Tetris Puzzle for Kids
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  • Improvement of math and analytical skills
  • Better problem solving abilitiies
  • Fun with a "real" toy
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sippy cup converter lids
Silicone Sippy Cup Lids
kid safe seal materials
  • 100% BPA-free, food-grade silicone
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Can be boiled for sterilizing
  • Stretch over most cup sizes (2.5" - 3.75" diameter)
  • Spill-proof
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3d puzzle ball
New 3D Puzzle Ball
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Move the little silver ball through 100 different and challenging stages of a 3D labyrinth. You have to turn, spin and think in circles to solve all the tasks in a way that provides so much fun and never gets old.
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anti-spill bowl
Universal Anti-Spill Bowl
** Only 11 left in stock, hurry up if you want one **
  • Innovative 360 degree gyro technology
  • Baby-friendly materials
  • No more spilling
  • BPA-free, food-grade-materials
  • Dishwasher-safe
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Marble Run Set – 105 Pieces
  • See-through Marble Run pieces allow you to see all the action
  • Solid plastic pieces that stick together and are easy for kids to play with
  • 8 solid bases to ensure maximum stability
  • Standard Toy Size Marbles (5/8 inch or smaller) work with this set (30 Glass Marbles Included)
  • Compatible with water beads when filled properly for great outdoor fun games
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