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Creative Shapes Wooden Puzzle


???? Fast-paced, entertaining and educational toy

???? 180 pieces for massive fun or two player competitions

???? Boosts focus, concentration and patience for longer attention spans

???? Eco-friendly, sustainable materials

???? Teaches hand-eye-coordination and fine-motor skills

???? 48 levels await your child’s interaction

???? Create your own pictures, levels and challenges


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Education can be fun

Puzzles are awesome. They help with brain function and keep your mind young. But most puzzles for adults are too boring g for kids and take too long to complete. Now we found a great way to keep kids engaged and actually love puzzles. The solution? Keep it short, entertaining and a fast-paced game.

A puzzle teaches young children the concept of pieces and whole pictures. Kids learn that each single piece is a fraction of the bigger picture. Shape recognition, concentration, goal setting, patience and a sense of achievement are great educational concepts that kids learn while solving puzzles too. And those skills will serve children to huge advantages in and for school.

Puzzles help develop hand-eye-coordination and fine-motor skills. The precise nature of matching each piece exactly to its place helps enormously. And did you know that there’s a relation between handwriting skills and a child’s ability to complete puzzles?

Critical thinking, judgement, visual perception and memory are skills that are necessary to solve a puzzle. There is only one right way to get the job done and as children learn to adapt, explore and change their tactics in order to get faster and faster. The Creative Shapes Wooden Puzzle even takes this a step further. Kids need to adapt to different scenarios, forms and shapes. This keeps them on their toes and their brains are really forced to work harder. But all in an entertaining and fun way. Your kids will love this new way of sharpening their brains and skills.

Your child’s attention span

Attention spans get shorter and shorter with each year it seems. The digital world, thanks to YouTube, Instagram and even modern children TV shows have done a very bad job in recent years. Is your child affected, too? Can you get your child to concentrate just about a minute and not any longer? You’re not alone. Unfortunately, this is getting very very common among young children.

The new Creative Shapes Puzzle is perfect to build those concentration muscles in kids. Paying attention includes the need to focus on a specific task for a specific time. If it’s too difficult or takes too long, kids simply give up or lose their interest. And if tasks are too easy, children are not challenged enough to enhance their focus and patience. With increasing difficulty “levels”, its fast-paced nature and competitive character, if you want it that way, the Creative Shapes Puzzle solves all those problems. Cild development experts have tested this toy and found out that attention spans, concentration, focus and patience doubled after a few days solving those puzzles. A side benefit is boosted creativity. Simply because kids can create their own “levels” and let other kids or their parents solve them. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

As you see, the advantages of puzzles for children’s development are numerous. The Creative Shapes Puzzle is the best educational toy for children to learn cognitive, physical and emotional skills that will serve them very well later in their lives.


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