Gesture Control Stunt Car



★ Two choices to control: Either the usual way or the gesture way

★ Mecanum Wheel for omnidirectional movements

★ Two-sided roll design for ongoing rides, tricks and stunts

★ Two modes for any terrain. Made for indoor and outdoor use

★ Up to 16 mp/h or 25 km/h with a 150m or 500 feet range

★ Strong battery that lasts for 45 minutes

★ 4 Wheel Drive for maximum control


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The coolest way of driving a remote control car

This revolutionary new toy is controlled either with a normal joystick or by gestures

Kids love RC toys. And at least every second dad does, too. Chances are that you already have one or more remote controlled cars, bikes, trains or trucks at home. Most of them have in common that they are relatively hard to control for kids and lack of fun after a while for bigger kids. Now this new toy just hit our store and heads out to change that.

Can you handle the gesture control?

Offering two control options, this stunt car does amazing tricks, flips and moves. Simply use the “normal” way and control every move with a remote control, or go the unconventional and cool way and completely control your car with a twist of your hand. How cool is that?

Simply push your hand forward, backward, left or right and the stunt car will follow your commands. Having a unique double-sided roll design, a 4WD and a transformable body, this power packed toy easily dominates on every terrain.

Play it your way

The choice is yours when it comes to the way you would like to play. Go for speed and with a simple gesture the car transforms into a flat racing car. Own any flat surface with up to 16 mp/h or 25 km/h. A special Mecanum Wheel that allows omnidirectional movement makes you the commander of this beast in every tough situation. Easy to handle, hard to believe.


Or you may want to go off-road. Again, press a button or twist your hand to change the racing beast into an off-road truck and own your backyard, the park or just create your own racetrack. The fun is limitless.

This new gesture control stunt car is really the master of any track and can be controlled precisely in any situation. You simply can’t do wrong and the car can handle stairs, steps and any surfaces with ease. All of these features were developed to make it as easy as possible for kids to enjoy a fun toy, but create a challenge for dads at the same time. However, moms love to play with this car as well and I certainly don’t want to limit the fun just to the male gender.

Grab the toy of the year now and benefit from our amazing sale, as long as these cars are still available and bring the joy of a new toy to your home. Give your little and big kids and maybe even yourself the fun that this stunt car creates and you’ll have hours and hours of playtime ahead. Take this car with you wherever you go and enhance imagination by creating new tracks everywhere you go. Combine two or more cars and race against your friends and families. Can you master the gesture control?



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