Hoodie Pets – Pet, Pillow & Hoodie


  • Ultra-Soft, Plush, Oversized Hooded Sweatshirt For Kids!
  • Made of Ultra Soft And Super Warm Material
  • Pet Easily Folds Into the Hood to Transform Into A Hoodie
  • Pet Folds Into The Hood & Zips Securely Inside
  • Great For Road Trips – Use it as a Car Pillow
  • One Size Fits All – Great For Kids Of All Ages
  • Machine Washable


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Stay Warm,  Stay Cozy – The Fun Way

These ultra-soft pets that turn into hoodies are taking the internet by storm

All kids love plush pets. There are hardly any exceptions. Kids love to cuddle and play with their plush buddies and feel safe and sound whenever they are near.

A new breed of plush pets is now taking the internet and social media by storm. And rightly so. We are super happy to introduce the warm, cozy and super sweet Hoodie Pets. These little pets work as plush toys and pillows and are super soft. And within seconds they turn into an oversized hoodie that keeps kids warm .

The pet magically folds into the hood and zips securely inside. This is a perfect solution to keep your favorite plush friend close to you at all times. And if it’s time to sleep, just transform the hoodie into a plush pet again. Easy as 1-2-3.


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