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Kids Smartwatch With SOS Call and GPS Tracker

7 reviews


  • GBP: £49.99
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  • EUR: 49.99 €
  • AUD: $49.99

Security gets more and more an issue in today´s world. But when it comes to protecting our children there must not be a compromise: You have to protect them the best you can!
These 10 functions will give you peace of mind:
1. SOS button: Call the police or any number with one touch
2. GPS real time positioning so you see the position of your kids immediately
3. Smart power saving mode so your battery will last
4. Remote monitoring so you can track the movement of your kids
5. Two-way-conversations, so you can call each other via app
6. Electronic fence: If the watch passes the “fence area” you get alarmed
7. Historical data: Keep the tracking data for three months
8. GSM four frequency system: 850/900/1800/1900 MHZ.
9. Sleep tracking so you will learn a lot about your sleep behaviour
10. Pedometer so you can count your steps
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Safety for our kids – there is no excuse ! Have you ever worried where your kids are? Did you ever feel the need to speak to your child immidiately but couldn´t call it. Did you always dream about a safety function for your child when it leaves home for school?
This smartwatch, especially designed for kids, will solve all you worries and problems. You will always know where your child is, you can always reach to it by the press of a button (even when your child doesn´t carry a cell phone), you will always know which route your child took, you can define a special area and get alarmed if your child leaves that area and your child can call the police (or you) with one button if ever in serious danger.
This smartwatch comes with 10 pillows, that will make your life a lot easier and will give you a peace of mind. It is compatible with every smartphone using iOS or Android and the app is available for free at the apple app-store or google play store.

7 reviews for Kids Smartwatch With SOS Call and GPS Tracker

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  1. kaisulin.kl

    Can I use this watch with AT&T?

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  2. Eleanor Montalvo

    brilliant, my kids love this watch so much they don’t even mind the security feature that helps us keep them safe

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  3. Jeff Rodriguez

    1. I bought $35 T-mobile sim kit from Walmart, it has unlimited internet data and 100 mins talk time for 1 month after the activation date. It worked.
    2. I googled step-by-step instructions and finally found a good one on YouTube but in a Russian language. I didn’t understand any single Russian words but that VDO really helped me! I followed the screenshot from the beginning to the end.
    3. They key set up is S.O.S number that I must enter (my number) into the App, saved it. That really a point where you set up the watch to do S.O.S call to your phone number.
    4. I use a Verizon iPhone, the watch has T-mobile SIM card, I can do 2 ways calling with the watch.
    There are other features that I yet need to explore at least i make it to work for simple call!
    Lastly, since I am not a T-mobile customer, by adding this T-mobile pay as you go line , I have to keep paying $30 /month to keep this work to operate. Not sure if am willing to pay that much yet. But for those who already are a T-mobile customer or AT&T can possibly add another phone line with your family plan and could share the data plan as well, that may be worth it for cheaper than $30/month. Hope this helps.

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  4. Larry Vick

    The first impression is very good product, I urgently hope to get one gift for my nephew, because it’s not the traditional watches, but feel all description, I compared to other sellers same products, the final choice is GBD which clarify the functions and operators. The logistics were just fine. But when i got the watch still feel at a loss, introduction is very detailed but still confused, I read carefully, finally successful use, the following is a reference to other buyers, I hope useful:

    1 prepare a SIM card I bought the T-Mobile and opened 2G date GPRS. Att tried for testing yesterday also okay.Verizon and Sprint not supported.if you don’t want use T-Mobile att then don’t buy this watch….

    2 need to open the back shell with a screwdriver in package and insert the SIM card into the watch.

    3. It is necessary to watch whether the signs show E symbol of internet, so it had been able to successfully call the watch from phones, but watch was still unable to call out,it need to set up bind in app

    4 the 10 numbers SN bind id is on back shell, use it to register into APP, selecting America North time zone

    5. come to app settings SOS number or families’ numbers but maybe meet the equipment off-line ,need to check your time zone is correct and watch “e” signal works well or not only set successful then GPS location can be used

    To tell the truth, the setting process is not very complicated, but really need to be able to do correct thing on every step. So if you don’t have a patient, it’s going to be a complicated thing and failed. I tried to contact the GBD Inc, they have good customer service, very patient and professional, I suggest that once got watch to follow up the instructions firstly, if any question better to contact with them, otherwise you may waste money on wrong sim and time, I got two watches, also a gift for a friend’s son, his watch is not the success of internet and i contacted GBD finally set correct APN. All above is my experience of this watch.

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  5. Philip Wright

    Well I have to say it was a little frustrating at first to get the watch going. I called Tmobile and they realized my SIM was not set up correctly. They gave me service for a tablet instead of a wearable device. I suspected something was wrong when the watch kept saying the service was restricted. Once Tmobile switched it over, the watched worked instantly. I still had some trouble trying to understand what information goes in what field (in the settings). Yes, there are some youtube videos but they’re all in a foreign language. I finally emailed the company and they were able to send me screen shots of what to do. Very simple once you get going. It’s a great watch. We’ve actually programmed more then 3 numbers and my 5 year old thinks it so cool he can talk to grandma and grandpa on his arm…We’ll give them a run and see how durable they are.. I’ll update my review in about a month or so.

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  6. William Smith

    I am super impressed. I bought the watch and downloaded the app from the Google Play store. It is called SeTracker. You enter the device ID number that is on the back plate of the phone and then start programing the features. There are a ton of features for an App that does not require any subscription. I looked at alternative devices and they all seemed to be triple the cost and required annual subscriptions.
    This little guy seems pretty durable.
    You can load up 10 phone contacts into the app and then only those 10 numbers will be able to dial to the watch. The kids can toggle through the list of numbers and then long touch the selected contact to dial. I am impressed with the voice clarity from both ends. The speaker is clear and the microphone captured a clear voice. The volume is nice, although you cannot turn it up or down and so the children will need to practice discretion as to when and where to use it.
    The GPS location is approximate and I was a little disappointed it wasn’t as accurate as Google Maps is. You use the map from within the App. That said I was very pleasantly surprised when I tried the SOS button feature to receive a text message on my phone with a link to Google maps that had the watch located exactly where I was. So, if your child feels they need to send an SOS location message to the programed receivers, that GPS will be pretty accurate!
    I’m trying to think of the other features, there are so many within the app. Okay, the monitoring one is pretty impressive although I can see it being abused. When you program your cell number into that slot, then press the monitor button in the app, it forces the watch to dial your cell phone. It mutes the speaker, so the wearer of the watch does not know that it is dialing and you can hear everything that the watch microphone picks up. Again, the clarity was impressive.
    I bought my SIM card from T-Mobile but the first time in I accidently bought a SIM card for a tablet and it had no voice capabilities. I thought this was the fault of the phone and spent several days communicating by email with the Aobbi company in China. They were very eager to help and very professional. I finally realized what happened and returned to T-Mobile to exchange the SIM cards. T-Mobile tried to give me “wearable” SIM cards as a lower monthly cost line but the watches were not compatible. We exchanged the SIM cards a final time for regular cell phone SIM cards and the phones work great. I have 2, for both sons. T-Mobile said a benefit of having full fledged phone lines for these watches is that with the GPS tracking all day long that uses more data and so the full service line of $10.00 a month will probably work better than slowing my data service should I have exceeded the data a “wearable” line offered.
    I feel better knowing my children can reach the family if for some reason we are late getting home from work or they get separated from us. All around, considering the service, the price point and the quality of the device, I’m very impressed.

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  7. Barbara Carrell

    This kids SmartWatch is great!

    It has so many cool & useful features that parents will love.

    The watch looks really cool & comes in a lot of kid friendly colors, its also comfortable to wear.
    I haven’t heard a complaint yet from my niece who is wearing the watch.

    Both the watch & the free App for either IOS or Android are very simple & easy to use! I was able to figure it out & teach my niece what to do in minutes.

    Some of the great features include the ability to track the watch anywhere with GPS & LBS using the free app.

    It’s also capable of one touch SOS calling to the number of your choosing for emergencies, 2 way calling, the ability to listen in on the watch mic without activating the speaker, security fence alarm notifications, alarm notifications if the watch is taken off & so so much more!

    Some of these features require a GSM SIM card that isn’t included but well worth it in my opinion.
    Even though this watch is very sophisticated & offers so many capabilities & features, it’s still very easy & simple to operate.
    ( which is a huge plus in my book!)

    This watch is made very well & seems very durable. It’s waterproof & looks as if it will be able to put up with whatever your kid throws at it lol

    This watch provides extra safety & reassurance in a world that unfortunately isn’t always

    It includes a Micro USB Cable for charging, A mini screw driver & extra screws to add a SIM card & an easy to understand users manual.

    The sellers are also very cool. They’re very friendly & have very good customer support if you should need them.

    The watch arrived very quickly & was packaged well. I received this watch for my honest & unbiased review. I’m giving it 5 stars because it’s an awesome kids watch with so many safety features that are simple to use & work great! The watch does everything it claims to do very well & is a good deal for what you’re getting.

    Bottom Line, Great Kids SmartWatch, Good Seller & A Good Deal!

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