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LED Sprinkler Bath Toy


★ Super cute LED tub toy

★ Keeps kids entertained in the tub

★ Blinks, floats and sprinkles water automatically

★ Safe to use for even the smallest ones


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Getting your little one into the tub is one thing. Making him stay there is another story.

Having a bath is luxury time for us adults. Unfortunately kids think different. Are you having fights and argues with your little monsters as well? Does it always take hours, screams and tears until they finally sit in the tub? Well if that’s the case I got something for you.

Introducing the LED Sprinkler Bath Toys. These super cute little floating and water sprinkling gadgets are super entertaining and designed to keep your kids entertained in the tub. They’re robust, super easy to use and 100% safe, even for the smallest ones.


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