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Marble Race Building Set



★ Fully Customizable Set

★ Build, Rebuild and Combine

★ All sets are compatible with each other

★ Offline-fun for the whole family


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Build your own Marble Run

Marbles are fascinating kids and adults for centuries. You may have played with some in your life and maybe you have already showed your kids a few games that they can play with marbles.

The best games you can play with marbles are still  marble runs or races. Marble races combine the fascinating look and feel of the little pieces of magic with physics and action. People all over the world love to watch and create marble runs, whether this takes place indoors in their living rooms or outdoors in the garden or at the beach.

marble race set building blocks

Marble run sets are around for quite some time now. We have one for sale ourselves and you can find it here. These sets are super fun to play with and kids around the world have an absolute blast playing with them. But all of the sets and marble toys that you can find in stores and on the internet have one thing in common: They consist of pre-built elements that are not flexible enough to build custom tracks.

We decided to change that. To add a whole lot of creativity, imagination and educational aspects we created a marble race set that is fully customisable. As you can see from the pictures, this set consists of multiple pieces that are small enough to allow full control over each element. You can attach the Lego style blocks easily to each other, rearrange them or build something completely new. Only your imagination is the limit. There are four different sets available. Each of the sets can be used alone or in combination with other sets. All of them are fully compatible with each other.

Just grab your favourite set(s) and place your order today. Your kids will love this marble race!


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