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New 3D Puzzle Ball


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Move the little silver ball through 100 different and challenging stages of a 3D labyrinth. You have to turn, spin and think in circles to solve all the tasks in a way that provides so much fun and never gets old.
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People are fascinated and obsessed by labyrinths all along. It´s no wonder that we start playing around once we get a riddle or labyrinth in our hands. We try to solve any given enigma with burning ambition and lose ourselves into those tasks. The more complicated and sophisticated the riddles are the more fun we have.

Right now this amazing 3D Puzzle Ball keeps everyone in our office busy and we are having a blast with this.

The concept is so easy yet so ingenious that you can keep trying hours and hours. Just move a small silver ball through this 3D labyrinth and solve 100 stages as fast as possible by sliding, turning and spinning the puzzle ball.

Kids are going crazy about this cool puzzle and learn to solve all kinds of problems with patience and logic. If you want to prepare your child for school you should give this toy a go. In a world full of digital toys and devices this puzzle ball is truly a great alternative and people will start having fun with “real toys” again.

If you want to get this cool ball please order yours today as our sale stock is decreasing very fast and they might be gone for good soon.



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