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Spider in a Box Prank Toy


★ The perfect gift for your arachnophobic friends

★ Scare the hell out of your victims

★ Looks innocent on the outside… but is scary as hell

★ Funny reactions guaranteed


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Scare the hell out of your victims

Wow, that gift box is scary. If you know someone who is really scared of spiders, this is the way to get them freak out.

The little wooden box looks like just another wooden gift box. It could well contain some piece of jewellery, collectible, maybe a pair of sunglasses. Perfume or something handcrafted. From the outside, this box looks absolutely neutral. But when you open it – boom. A spider comes out and the reactions are oftentimes so funny. For sure, nobody is prepared and I have yet to see somebody not freaking out. We’re shipping either a light brown or darker brown box to you. Both have the same dimensions and only differ in color. If you want a specific color, please make sure to add a note to your order during the checkout process.

Get this awesome scare prank box now while it is still on sale. Stock is limited and this toy is flying off our shelves. So if you want to make sure to still get one, please put in your order now.


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