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Squishy Balls Mega Pack


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  • Each Set comes with 36 additional accessories
  • They stick, the stay for endless play
  • Create and re-build over and over again
  • Built to last
  • Unleash your creativity

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Squish, Connect and Create with the Squishy Balls. The little balls stick to each other and you can build with them like no other. The Mega Pack allows you to build 36 amazing creations, in full 3D. You can build owls, bears, cars, monkeys, buildings and much more. Let your creativity take over and bring your creations to life.

Each of our packs comes with 36 accessories. These include eyes, wings, hats and feet, so you can make everything you build look super cool and cute. The possibilities are limitless. The Squishy Balls stick and stay, then pull them apart for endless play! Build your favorite animal or car, then take them apart and re-build them as anything you want. There are no limits.

And cleaning up is a breeze as they stick to each other with magical ease. Squish, connect and create – with the Squishy Balls Mega Pack!

Squishy Balls Bunchems

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