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Xmas Shopping with Kids: How to Do It Properly

xmas shopping with kids

Christmas shopping can easily be ranked as one of the most pleasant and heart-warming times of the year! It is a time when we finally have an official occasion to show our family and friends how much they mean to us by choosing the perfect gift to make their Christmas even more special! The festivity […]

Christmas Shopping with Kids – Preparation is Key

christmas shopping with kids preparation

Just a few weeks to go before you have to be done with your holiday shopping. How do you do it? Are you a hit-the-stores kind of parent? Or would you rather shop online? I do a little of both. Every now and then, a gift idea will come to me. For example, yesterday I […]

How to Choose the Right Christmas Gift: How to Shop for Your Child

Got kids? Or, if not, do you have kids on your Christmas shopping list this year? Children are fickle little darlings. Throughout the year, you’ll hear a hundred statements claiming that, “I want that for Christmas!” But every week, the wish list evolves into something new. It can be difficult to choose a Christmas gift […]

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