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Summer Break Activities

summer break activities

Moms and dads, it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. The kids have hung up their backpacks, they’ve put away their notebooks, and there’s no more scrambling for the bus in the morning. Ladies and gentlemen… it’s summer break! Of course, summer break just means that in two weeks’ time, your kids are going to […]

Stranger Danger: Tips for a Safe Summer Break

stranger danger

During the school year, it’s pretty easy for you to keep track of where your kids are, and of who they’re talking to. But when summer break comes, it’s more likely your kids will be out and about. They’ll spend more time online, more time outside and more time in public places.  Of course, you […]

Road Trippin’: Keeping Kids Happy on the Road

road tripping

Ah, summer time is almost here. Summer promises long stretches of sunshine, trips to the beach and, well, long car rides. If you’re like most parents, the most dreadful part of the summer is that long trip to and from your destination. That’s not just true for car trips, either! Ferry rides, flights and bus […]

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