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Buying a Baby Car Seat: Tips on What to Look Out For

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The baby car seat is an inevitable product to go shopping for before your newborn arrives home. After all, you’ll need a safe transportation method to bring them back from the hospital. Even after they’ve made their way to their new home, chances are that your little one will start traveling with you in the car sooner than you’ve expected. Whether it’s a visit to the grocery shop or a trip to the park, your baby will start exploring the world in their first couple of months. 

To ensure they are safe and protected at all times, it’s essential to choose a car seat carefully, taking into consideration all of the factors that make up a high-quality, reliable baby car seat. To help you make a good decision and avoid any regrets in the future, we’re here to provide tips and advice on purchasing your first baby car seat. 

How to choose the perfect baby car seat 

As you can imagine, the perfect baby car seat depends on a lot of factors and the best choice will never be the same for two families. We all have different requirements and expectations of the product that will support our little ones in the car and that’s completely natural. However, there are some founding, basic principles that it’s recommended to stick to when making your choice.  

Here are a few things you could do to make the selection process easier:

Get to know your car better

That’s right. The first step isn’t even related to any product besides your own car. Check your car’s owner’s manual to see what type of attachment you’ll be using to secure the car seat. The two most common types of systems are the LATCH or the simplicity of a seat belt. It’s advisable to make up your mind about the type of attachment you’ll be using and base you purchase on that. 

When choosing the LATCH system, make sure you’ve double checked whether you vehicle supports this option. For instance, some cars don’t have a LATCH attachment in the middle position. And that’s not a good sign considering that it’s the safest place to position your baby while in the car. 

Now that you’ve selected the car seat installation method, measure your back seat to determine the space you have for a car seat. There are certain baby car seats designed for larger back seats and even if you feel that this particular product is the best one for you, you may not be able to use it efficiently. Seat measurements are also important in order to guarantee that other people can sit in the backseat too. For instance, do you have any other toddlers that still ride with a car seat? Or perhaps an older sibling must also find their place behind you in the car?

Convertible car seats vs. rear-facing ones

Just as any other investment you make for your newborn, you’re probably already prepared for the fact that they won’t be able to use it forever. However, it’s a great benefit to have a car seat that your child can use during their toddler years, meaning that you won’t have to purchase another one as they grow too big for their infant seat. And that’s where the dilemma between a convertible car seat and an infant rear-facing one is solved. Purchasing a convertible car seat will guarantee that your little one is safe throughout their toddlerhood, while a rear-facing infant seat will not be of any use to you once your child turns one. 

It may be worth noting the only disadvantage that convertible car seats have. They’re not very flexible as they cannot be removed and put back in place unlike the infant seat can. This shouldn’t be a problem if you’ve purchased a car seat for every car that you drive. However, if you regularly switch between cars and the car seat needs to go with you – a convertible car seat may cause some trouble. 

Check for certification 

Although all car seats that have made their way to the market and are being sold should have been tested and authorized as safe, it won’t do any harm to double-check. You want to make sure that the car seat you’ve set your eyes on has a JPMA stamp, which symbolizes that it has been tested and approved by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. 

Also, when speaking of safety, it’s always a better idea to purchase a brand new car seat instead of relying on second-hand or an old car seat that a friend is giving away. Depending on the way it has been maintained, the car seat could have been damaged or lost its ability to function as designed to.

Look for the most essential “extras”

Some may call them extras while for others they’re just essentials that a car seat can’t be used without. Make sure that the model you’ve selected has a 5-point harness. This usually means two shoulder straps, two waist straps, and an additional strap positioned between the legs. Another feature that a child’s car seat is advisable to have is side-impact protection. Most car seats are designed with additional foam or air pads placed where the baby’s head is supposed to be while sitting. 

The pricier the car seat, the more added features it’ll have. For example, if you’re willing to spend more you could enjoy the benefit for an anti-rebound bar at the lower end of the seat that prevents movement in case of a crash. You could also opt in for a model with cashier fabric, a bigger canopy, and more. 

Furthermore, check to see how adaptable the straps and whether you’ll be able to use them as your baby grows. 

Maintenance is important 

As all parents are aware of, having a baby is a messy business. You’re bound to walk around carrying a bag of wet wipes at all times as there are constantly unexpected food or beverage spills and other, much more unsightly accidents. To ensure that the car seat remains new-looking at fresh for longer, make sure that it is easy to clean and maintain. Before the purchase, it’s recommended to read the washing and cleaning instructions. A hint to keep in mind is that the smoother the fabric, the easier it is to clean. 

A travel system is always an option 

If you’re looking for a solution that will allow you to move your baby while it sleeps from the car together with the seat, the convertible option is not the best idea. However, an infant car seat is not either as we mentioned that your little one will soon grow too big for it. In this case, you can check out another alternative – a travel system. This is a combination of an infant seat and stroller that you can usually purchase as one. They are often sold discounted, meaning that you can save some money and still enjoy all the benefits. 

Choose a lightweight safety car seat

Now that you know what to look for, it’s time to share some of the perks with our own new super lightweight safety car seat. It’s 3C and ECE certified, giving you peace of mind when it comes to safety. It has gained external testing certification and allows you to benefit from the 5-point harness we mentioned earlier. The car seat fits and car and seat and is completely portable and foldable. Apart from making your life easier and keeping your child protected in the car, you can also use this product on dinner table chair, airplanes, and travel across the world with it. 

It’s extremely convenient to use thanks to its lightweight design and efficient size. If your child is up to 30kg then you don’t need to have a single doubt whether you can use it. The answer is absolutely! For extra protection there is an adjustable safety belt. The car seat has been created using strong and durable fabric and eco-friendly materials. You won’t have any problems with the installations and disassembly as the process is extremely easy and straightforward. 

Try it and see for yourself. 

We hope that we’ve been helpful and hopefully your next purchase of a car seat will go smoothly and confidently. We are here for you if you need any help or have any questions. Enjoy car seat shopping!

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