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Diamond Painting for Kids: Your Questions Answered

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With the holidays coming up, are starting to wonder what to buy your little ones this Christmas? Or perhaps you’re just looking for a way to keep them occupied and focused on an activity that can stimulate their mind and creativity while at home? Well, luckily, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll look at what diamond painting kits are and how kids can use them. We’ll also answer some of the most popular questions that parents have when it comes to diamond painting kits for kids.

Before we dive into the details let’s just say that this certainly a good Christmas present for your kids or for friends with children. So if you haven’t tried pleasing your child with this form of art – now is the perfect time to start. After reading this article you’ll have all the information needed to choose your diamond painting gift and use it appropriately.

What is diamond painting?

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Unlike other forms of art that have been around for centuries, diamond painting is relatively new to the world of art. It is believed that the origin behind the idea is to recreate the century-old practice of Mosaic. The concept behind this type of painting is that an image is segmented and broken down into different patterns. It can easily be compared to a cross stitch and paint by numbers but the difference is that here, kids can enjoy tiny, glossy tiles that are carefully positioned on a canvas with the aim of making a pattern that will give you the full image. It is a perfectly easy way to create your own wall art at home and is considered one of the easiest forms of DIY painting. 

Children create their own masterpieces by applying little diamonds on a sticky canvas. The so-called diamonds are actually resin rhinestones that create a vibrant, color-rich, mosaic-style art. The diamonds are color-coded and just like with paint by numbers, it is easy to find where to place them on the canvas. 

Apart from being extremely fun and involving the whole family, this type of art has a wide range of benefits for children.

What are the benefits of diamond painting for kids?

Both parents and kids instantly fall in love with diamond painting and there are a few reasons why. Engaging your child with this type of activity can lead to a number of long-term benefits that will be useful during their whole life. 

Increased Concentration

One of the most essential skills that kids must learn from an early age is concentration and focus. Throughout life, this will help them to perform better in school, in work, and other areas. Diamond painting is great for teaching little ones how to truly focus on a certain task and reach their goals by following precise steps. If your child truly enjoys creating art with diamond paintings you’ll notice that they can’t even be distracted by TV shows or online games, which certainly have a popularity for being addictive and quite time-consuming. 


Diamond painting can be characterized as a meditative activity, which calms down both adults and kids. It is the perfect choice of activity for weekends or evenings when the child is in need of a calm atmosphere and the opportunity to let go of any stress or negative thoughts from the day. Maybe they’ve been trying to solve a math question in school or perhaps they’ve been struggling with a new task. Because diamond painting is extremely easy and designed in a way that makes it pleasant for everyone, it can relax your kids in no time.

Consistency & Patience

Patience and consistency take time to develop. It is natural for children to be unfamiliar with the concept that in order for something to happen or for them to reach a goal, a certain level of effort and time is necessary. By giving them a custom diamond painting kit you are allowing them to learn this the easy way. It is a great method for teaching little ones about the importance of patience and endurance. After all, there are no shortcuts to happiness in life. By taking the time to match the diamond pieces with the color code on the board, the kids also appreciate the connection between cause and effect. 


Completing a diamond painting is quite rewarding and makes the child feel capable and achieved. Looking at the masterpiece when it has been completed will also teach your child that there is nothing impossible in life. Even if they are no Michelangelo, diamond paintings gifts are easy for everyone and they can truly uncover the artist in your child. Once completed, you can even frame the painting and place it on the wall as a reminder of their achievement. 

What do kids need for diamond painting? 

To get your kids started with diamond painting, the first step is to get them interested in the painting. If they are Disney fans, you can try a 5D Arielle diamond kit or perhaps a Frozen diamond painting kit in 5D. They will need a board or canvas that has been coded to help them “paint” the image that they see on the kit box. They will need a craft tray where they can keep the diamonds before they choose where to place them. But most importantly, they’ll need some free time, motivation, and a willingness to let the magic unfold. The rest can be found inside the diamond painting kit. 

What is the difference between 5D diamond painting and 3d diamond painting? 

5D and 3D diamond paintings refer to the number of surfaces or sides the diamonds have. While 3D diamonds have only 3 sides, 5D diamonds have 5b sides, making the painting more realistic and including more shades. The more surfaces, the more sparkling the diamonds appear as well. Although you won’t go wrong with either, children tend to enjoy a 5D diamond painting more because of its richness and diversity.

What does a diamond painting kit include? 

If you purchase a high-quality diamond painting kit for kids, it will come with everything necessary to create the chosen masterpiece. Here is what you can expect to find inside the kit:

  • A pre-coded canvas
  • Several head point diamond pens
  • High-quality resin diamonds
  • Tweezers
  • Wax
  • Diamonds Tray
  • Tip paper 

Once you remove everything from the package, position the canvas on a clean and clutter-free surface. Help your little one choose a diamond color that they wish to start with and place them inside the tray where they can pick them up from while working. Apply a small amount of wax to the tip of the pen to help the diamond stick better. Press the diamond against the matching symbol until it is glued on. Following these simple steps will help your child enjoy the beauty of any masterpiece. 

When can kids start using diamond painting kits?

We’ve already mentioned that diamond painting is a great and value-adding activity for both children and adults. But how old does your little one have to be in order to be able to use the kit and create their painting? Due to the small size of the diamonds, the diamond painting kits are not recommended for children under the age of 3-years-old. It is believed that once a child reaches the age of 6, they are fully prepared and capable to enjoy this activity. Of course, the perfect age will also depend on the type of diamond painting kit and the actual painting. 

There are simple images that could be easily completed by a 3-year old and more complex ones that require more time, effort, and attention. If you choose to introduce your little one to this type of activity early on, make sure that you are present to keep the process under control. When younger, children tend to have an interest in swallowing different objects and the tiny diamonds could be a danger to their health if they are left unsupervised. 

It’s time to try

The winter season is one of the best times of year to introduce your little one to the magical world of diamond painting. And the fact that Christmas is slowly approaching makes things even more perfect. Choose an image that you think your child will absolutely adore, wrap it in Christmas wrapping paper, and leave it under the tree. Chances are that they’ll want to try it as soon as they open the gift. The best part of painting with diamonds is that it is a shared activity that calls for some family time and newly created memories. Enjoy it while you observe how your kids are developing new skills while working to create their masterpiece.

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