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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Baby Pacifier

how to choose the best pacifier for your baby

First-time parents face a wide array of challenges and “first timers”. Although this journey is extremely pleasant and incomparable, it can certainly be difficult to cope with, especially if one is not well prepared. Every day is a possibility to experience something new, face a new challenge, and come up with a new solution to keep your baby calm and happy. 

Thankfully, today’s dynamic and diverse market offers a lot of choices when it comes to baby supplies, necessities, and toys. Innovative solutions are here to help parents keep everything under control and avoid unexpected or unpleasant situations. If you are a newbie in the field of parenting, all of the available choices can be a bit confusing. You may find yourself stuck in a dilemma between several products, especially when it comes to necessities such as baby pacifiers.

choosing the best pacifier

The baby pacifier is a complete must when it comes to keeping your little one satisfied. Not only are pacifiers a great way to focus your baby’s attention and calm them down, but it is also an important product that helps you take care of your baby’s gums and teeth.

To help you avoid head wrecking moments, we have prepared some tips and advice for choosing the best baby pacifier.

Why do you need a baby pacifier?

Before digging deeper into the buying guide, it is worth exploring what the baby pacifier is and what its tasks are. As your baby grows, it is only natural that a time will come when they are separated from mom’s natural body parts and will have to find a replacement. A pacifier, put simply, is a nipple on a handle. The product has been created mainly with the aim of keeping your baby calm and comfortable. 

There are babies who prefer to suckle only when being fed, while others want to continue the process after feeding. The suckling is not only great for calming down irritated little ones but it can also be a great solution for one of the worst time in a baby’s life – the moment when teeth start growing. This is a time characterized by a lot of itching in the gum zone, pain, and significant discomfort. The pacifier can be used to calm the itching down and help your baby tackle the pain. 

When is the right time to start using a pacifier?

Although your baby will not be able to use words to express their desires, chances are that they will give you clear signs when a pacifier becomes needed. For instance, if you notice that they a suckling on a baby bottle when there is nothing in it or looking for other objects to suckle on, chances are that the time has come. 

Alternatively, your little one may be suckling on your breast without actually feeding and may show clear signs of unhappiness and irritation when being pulled away. You may spot your baby sucking their fingers or thumbs, toys, blankets, and any other objects they may have in reach. All of the above are signs that a baby pacifier will come in handy. 

Factors to consider when buying a baby pacifier

Choosing the best pacifier for your baby may not be as simple as it sounds. There are a few factors to think about before making a decision in order to ensure that your little one will be satisfied and comfortable with the new product.


Depending on the age of your baby, the pacifier will vary in size. You will find that most pacifiers come in three sizes – small, medium, and large. Every brand will have its own sizing and a recommended age for the product. It is essential to pay close attention to the age recommendations as choosing the wrong size can lead to a range of negative and potentially dangerous results. 

For instance, giving your baby a pacifier that is too big may lead to discomfort while one that is too small may cause choking. If there is no age recommendation provided for the pacifier, try to contact the seller or manufacturer to gain as much information as possible. 

Nipple Material 

The material used for the nipple part of the pacifier should be safe to use and comfortable for your little one. It is the most important part of the baby pacifier as it resembles the mother’s breast. Especially if this will be the first time your baby will be using a pacifier, the nipple material can make your baby love it or reject it completely.

Baby pacifiers can come with a silicone nipple, which is among the most commonly used ones. They are extremely easy to manage and clean. You can even put the silicone pacifier in the dishwasher and clean it without too much effort. 

Others come with a latex nipple. When compared to silicone, latex gives more flexibility and a softer touch. They may not be as durable and long-lasting as silicone pacifiers but babies tend to prefer latex mainly because of their gentle feel and softness. If you choose to use a latex baby pacifier keep in mind that it is not advisable to put them in the dishwasher for washing unless instructions to do so have been provided. 

Advice: Some babies have allergies towards latex. Make sure to perform a test before giving your baby a latex pacifier to avoid discomfort.

Finally, pacifiers can come with hard plastic material. This alternative is durable and can be cleaned quickly and easily. However, plastic can be dangerous for the baby if a jagged edge is formed and a lot of babies reject the material.


The guard part of the pacifier should be at least 1 ½ inches for safety purposes. This is the part that keeps your baby away from choking on the pacifier. The guard designs are different on every pacifier. It may be useful to try a curved shield as most parents prefer it over other types of guards. In addition, check for ventilation hole which are preferable for air to circulate between the little one’s face and the guard. This will keep away any rashes or skin irritations.

How can it be cleaned?

Think about the cleaning methods available for the chosen pacifier. After all, the baby pacifier is likely to be used all the time. Chances of it falling or reaching dirty places are high so you should be ready at all times. Choose a pacifier that can be boiled or washed in a dishwasher to save time and energy. Also, it may be a good idea to purchase several pacifiers to ensure that you always have one ready to be used.

Color is important

When it comes to the color of the baby pacifier, it is not exactly fashion that we are concerned about. Think about all the places that the pacifier can end up being lost in. The brighter the color – the easier to find. Today, there are even glow-in-the-dark pacifiers that may work wonders and guarantee that they will always be found in the house. 

Your little one may have a specific color preference and it may turn out that some colors make them feel cozy and comfortable while others frighten them or make them feel uneasy. Follow your baby’s reactions to different colors and if you have discovered that they have a preference, use the color for the pacifier as well.

When should the pacifier be replaced?

Nothing lasts forever and baby pacifiers are certainly no exception. As much as you clean and take care of the pacifier, it will eventually depreciate so much that it will no longer be of any use. The replacement time is not the same for all pacifiers and it will highly depend on the way it has been used and how often your baby has suckled on it. 

If you notice holes or tears in the nipple, areas where the color has faded, signs of the nipple being stretched, or any loose parts of the pacifier, it is time to find a replacement. Additionally, if the nipple has become so sticky that even washing it won’t help of the plastic has become jagged on the handle or the guard, the pacifier is no longer in suitable condition to be used by your baby. 

Different types of pacifiers

There are different types of baby pacifiers out there which you can experiment with. If your little one has never used a pacifier before, try different types to discover which one works best. You can spice things up with a Baby Animal Pacifier that little ones love thanks to its cute combination of a cuddly toy and a quality pacifier. 

You can also try the Fresh Food Pacifier, which is a great way to make an introduction into a variety of fruits and flavors. This product offers an easy way to keep your baby healthy and happy as fresh fruit can directly be filled into the pacifier. 

If you are looking to keep track of your baby’s temperature in an unnoticed and easy way, try the Baby Pacifier Thermometer with LCD display. The product offers a creative and gentle way to take your little one’s temperature with no trouble at all.

We hope that this guide to buying the best baby pacifier will help you make an informed decision and keep your little one calm and satisfied. Explore the different options and see how your baby reacts to different types of material of pacifier types to uncover which works best for their personal preferences and needs.

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