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11 of the Best Nappy Bags on the Market in 2019

the best nappy bags of 2019 review

If you are a parent of a toddler you have probably already developed a huge appreciation for nappy bags. They are literally your savior when it comes to keeping everything organized, well-prepared, and most importantly – clean. With a wide array of options on the market, it may be a bit daunting to make a selection that will guarantee comfort and ease of use.

Choosing a nappy bag may sound like a simple task but it involves a lot of consideration to ensure that it is done right. Have you thought about how many pockets you will need to keep everything well organized? What about the fabric- will you need something that is waterproof? How do you like wearing your nappy bag – as a backpack, handbag, shoulder bag, or maybe all of the above?

The 11 best nappy bags to consider buying online

It may be worth making a note of your preferences and necessities before going nappy bag shopping. We have prepared a list of 11 of the best nappy bags on the market this year in hopes of helping you make the right choice for you. Reading the descriptions of the bags listed below may help you gain a better orientation of useful features to look out for.

Here we go!

1. The Kids Baron Designer Baby Nappy Bag

designer nappy bag diaper bag

When your daily routine is full of chaos and constant thoughts about organization and how to keep everything under control, it may be difficult to stay in fashion. The designer baby nappy bag offers a stylish solution and ensures that you will be on top of it all. There’s nothing more enjoyable than being a tidy and organized parent and cool at the same time. Practicality doesn’t exclude beauty and the two go hand in hand perfectly with this product. The cherry on top is that there are amazing benefits that will make life so much easier.

The fabric chosen for this nappy bag is waterproof, there are insulation pockets ensuring that the temperature of your baby’s drinks is perfect, and there’s maximum capacity at minimum space. In addition, you can wear it however you feel most comfortable – as a handbag, shoulder bag, or backpack. The choice is yours!

2. Ju-Ju-Be B.F.F. Convertible Diaper Bag

This is a diaper bag that has attracted a lot of attention thanks to its style and functionality. Its unisex nature makes it ideal both for mom and dad. It can either be worn over the shoulder or a messenger bag. The best part is that it can transform into a backpack and keep your hands free for taking care of your little one. No more sore shoulders. You can organize all your essential baby items and products in the outside and inside pockets, keep the drinks safe in the 3m baby bottle insulator pockets, and find the most important things easily thanks to the see-through plastic pockets inside. 

The convertible diaper bag is not too big but large enough to fit everything necessary for one baby. 

3. Mothercare Little Bird Changing Bag

If your style is usually more casual and you like to stay comfortable, the Little Bird changing bag may be a good choice. It comes in a fun a fresh rainbow style and includes strong grab handles and a nice shoulder strap, allowing you to wear it depending on the preference or need. There is a wide range of pockets inside to help you keep a well-structured interior and find everything you need quickly and easily. Nappy changing just go more pleasant with this solution. 

The nappy bag also offers a removable insulated bottle chamber which ensures that drinks are maintained at the right temperature. In addition, you get access to a removable wipe-clean padded changing mat. The size is just perfect for everyday needs and parents love its practicality as well as casual style.

4. PacaPod Hartland

If you are certainly fond of having control, the PacaPod Hartland nappy bag is one of the options for you. It is always a great idea for parents who like to personalize their products. The style of the bags is distinctive with its themed pods, which can be personalized based on the individual preferences of the consumer. A cool zip pod for feeding equipment makes mealtime easier. Another one for changing is available, enabling parents to quickly react to the situation without needing to go through the whole bag in panic. 

The bag uses vegan leather and if you ask your friends, chances are that they won’t even notice that it’s a changing bag. With plenty of storage room, you can plan for a long journey and keep close everything you may possibly need.

5. Bambino Mio Baby and Beyond Change Bag

This nappy bag is designed to support your specific needs, especially if you are fond of using cloth nappies. Four of the Bambino Mio cloth nappies can easily be stored in the side pocket of the bag, with a large magnetic shut pocket place at the front. It is ideal for keeping emergency items at a reach and avoiding searching for a product for ages. After all, when it comes to parenting, quick reactions are essential.

The size of the bag is loved by parents who have used it and a large number of pockets is highly appreciated. It is perfect for a weekend getaway with the family and can store not only the baby’s essential products but mommy and daddy’s belongings too!

6. HapTim Backpack Diaper Bag

The HapTim Backpack Diaper Bag is ideal for those of those who love wearing more athlete-looking clothes and are in love with the sports look. This backpack-style diaper back is stylish, long-lasting, convenient, and comfortable. On top of it all, it includes a log of features which are designed to make parenting on the go a tiny bit easier. The bag is unisex and can be worn by both mom and dad as part of their casual style. With leather accents and an asymmetrical front pocket, this is a modern piece that can catch the eye from a distance. 

Bottle exterior pockets, zippered wipe dispensed on the side, a secret pocket on the back, and extra padding against the back ensure that you are ready to go at any time. 

7. Honest Company Everything Tote Diaper Bag

This is a nappy bag that comes in a larger size than most. The Honest Company Everything Tote diaper bag comes in black vegan leather and offers a wide array of pockets, compartments, and nooks to ensure that your journey with the baby goes as planned. The size of the nappy bag comes in at 19” wide, 13” high, and 7” deep. In other words, you can pack everything you need without worrying about the problem of zipping it all up in the end. There are a total of five additional outside pouches for quick access to items such as baby wipes (only parents of a toddler can understand how important it is to have access to baby wipes at all times), bottles, pacifiers, and anything else you may need as support. 

The lined pocket on the front allows for wet surfaces or materials to be placed on the front without the risk of drowning the items inside. It is certainly a product worth trying.

8. Itzy Ritzy Boss Backpack Diaper Bag

If you are a fashion maniac and love to wear everything with style, the Itzy Ritzy Boss backpack diaper back is likely to be of interest. This trendy backpack diaper bag is ideal for the fashion moms and is a loved product because of its features and diversity. Available in a range of designs, you can change the bags depending on your outfit or mood. Only the size of the diaper bag can separate it from a stylish little backpack casually worn. 

There are a total of seven outside pockets available for immediate access to belongings, with two insulated baby bottle pockets, zippered and lined top, in addition to side pockets allowing you to keep everything safe but reachable. The front pockets have flap closures for ease of use. A nice changing pad is provided for extra convenience. 

9. Pink Lining The Wonderbag Rucksack – Dalmatian Fever

This wondering is ideal for the wondermoms out there! The Dalmatian print adds a bit of spice and makes this nappy bag a fashion statement. The bag offers a removable padded insulated bottle holder, an extra thick padded change mat, and all the pockets you could possibly need in order to keep all the equipment neat and easy to find. 

You can make use of the different compartments provided to organize things based on occasions or priority and ensure that you can easily grab the items you need without turning the bag upside down. 

10. Babymel Robyn Convertible Vegan Leather Backpack Changing Bag

Another easy to wear and convertible nappy bag, the Babymel Robyn Convertible Vegan leather backpack changing bag can be used as a backpack, shoulder bag, cross body or handheld. In other words, it can turn into the ultimate bag for any occasion. Made from faux leather, the product is ideal for vegan parents. Relatively affordable products and cheaper compared to some, this nappy bag does not provide any packing pods. However, it does offer an ‘Easy-Wipes’ pocket, specifically designed for easy access to the essential wet wipes.

11. Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack Diaper Bag

This nappy bag is among the most popular and preferred by parents on the market. A perfect combination of style and functionality, this diaper bag has a high-end look and numerous features allowing parents to stay calm and organized at all times. It may be a bit more expensive compared to others but the price is certainly worth the quality. With a large size and a total of 0.90 cubic feet of capacity, the bag offers a total of eight inside pockets, with two zipped ones and three placed outside for things like baby bottles. The diaper changing station and the pad is also positioned on the outside, leaving more than enough space inside. 

You can carry this bag in a range of ways, making it flexible and adaptable to different situations. 

We hope that this list of nappy bags helps you gain more insight into the different options available on the market and serves you well in making the best decision when purchasing a diaper bag.

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