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What Every Mom Wants…

what every mom wants mothers day

At time of writing, Mother’s Day is quickly approaching in the United States. Kids and adult kids are all scrambling, racking their brains to figure out what to get for Mom this year. If you’re having a bit of trouble yourself, this article is for you. 

Ask any mother and she’ll tell you the same. “All I want for Mother’s Day is a collection of hugs from my kids.” And while hugs are an easy gift, free and unlimited, it’s nice to grab something special for Mom anyway. Bear in mind that this list isn’t just for Mother’s Day, either! So if you’ve stumble across this article in November, or if you live outside of the United States, there’s still something on this list that Mom will love. 

Ready to go shopping? Here’s our list of the best gifts for moms.

Eco-Friendly Reusable Water Bottle

Whether the mother in your life is an athlete, a commuter or just likes to keep a cold drink handy, this reusable water bottle is perfect. Made from BPA-free materials, this water bottle won’t leak, so mama can stash it in her diaper bag. Or, she can use the handy wrist band as she goes to spin class or just for a walk in the neighborhood. 

This water bottle makes a perfect gift from the kids. Let your children each create a work of art for Mom, then roll those up and place them in the bottle for a one of a kind gift presentation. Or fill the bottle with her favorite candies before handing it over. However you present the bottle, Mom is going to love it!

Handmade Tree of Life Necklace

What mother doesn’t like jewelry from the kids? This handmade tree of life necklace is guaranteed to be a hit. Throughout history, the tree of life has symbolized many things, including eternal life, renewal and growth, and a connection to all things. 

Most of all, the tree of life symbolizes the fact that “no mom is an island.” Every woman is connected to the world around her, including the connection to the people who love her most – her family. Choose which stones you’d like to be included on this necklace, and adorn Mom with a reminder of how important she is to you. 

Custom Gift Baskets

Skip the flowers this year and opt instead to get Mom a collection of everything that’s going to make her feel her comfy, cozy best. Buy a gift basket, then fill it with slippers, a bath robe, a coffee mug and some hot chocolate. 

If Mom is more of he active type, give her a few new treats to enjoy. Try filling your basket with that eco-friendly water bottle as well as a few of her favorite protein bars, some new earbuds and a fully loaded mp3 player. 

Neither idea suits you? Try a Pamper Basket. Include a diffuser and some essential oils, then toss in a few facial masks, luxury or organic shampoos and a gift certificate to your local masseuse. Use your imagination – you know Mom best! Customize your gift basket in the way that you know she’ll love!

Mom’s Custom Garden

If you’ve got a slightly larger budget, or if you just want to spoil your mama, why not buy her her own garden? It doesn’t matter where you live – a garden can be planted literally anywhere that has a bit of light. 

For moms in small spaces, try a hanging herb garden. These are like living curtains which hang by the kitchen window. Herbs grow in small pots, and are easily accessible as Mom works her magic in the kitchen. 

You could also invest in a raised planter box. Even for mothers who are also renters, these garden boxes allow her to plant what she likes in a small space. Look for a style that matches her personality – many different products are on the market. 

Don’t forget to include the basics for beginning a garden: a few select seed packs, a trowel, and gardening gloves in a style she’ll love. 

Coffee and Tea

Most moms have one thing in common: a constant stream of caffeine. Even if your mom isn’t a caffeine kind of woman, most mothers will appreciate a good cup of tea. 

There are hundreds upon hundreds of specialty coffees and teas available online and in local stores. For a special treat, include a flowering tea. These lovely teas expand as they’re steeped, ultimately displaying a gorgeous blossom in her tea cup. 

Of course, along with coffee and tea, you’ll want to include a tea pot (or French press for coffee), a pretty pair of tea cups (or coffee mugs) and perhaps a good book to enjoy while she sips. 

Peace and Quiet

Not kidding at all. Most moms want to spend Mother’s Day with the kids. But why not gift her with a bit of peace and quiet, to be redeemed on another day of her choice. 

This is a great option if you’re on a budget. Just offer to babysit the littles, or enlist a neighborhood teen to do it. Mom can then redeem her certificate while you take the kids out, or she can go out while you all stay in. 

If you like, you can boost the “value” of this gift by including a bottle of her favorite wine or sparkling drink and a gift card for Netflix or Hulu. 

Anything Heartfelt

Mom truly isn’t joking when she says that she just wants hugs. But you can do even more. Give her something to keep, to hold on to. Write a personal note on a store-bought card for the mother in your life, or create your own. 

Have the littlest of children draw Mom a picture, or let them tell you what they’d like to say. You can do the writing. What matters is that you show or tell mama just how you really feel about her. Her day will be perfect, guaranteed. 

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