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The Top 11 Baby Wooden Toys for 2019 Reviewed

the best wooden toys review

Wooden toys have some magic in them. They are perfect for the little hands of infants and toddlers and bring a unique feel when touched. In addition to that, they are sturdy, durable, and provoke the imagination of your kids while helping them to discover the world. 

We all know that toys help our kids’ development and we want to provide them with the best options to learn. There is a great variety of toys on the market and it may be hard, especially for first-time parents, to choose the best and most appropriate toys for their children. Aside from the special educational toys, we can say that each toy helps the child to develop certain skills and learn new things. 

Why should we choose wooden toys?

In our attempt to find the right toy depending on the age and preferences of our kids, it is also necessary to choose toys that are both child and environment-friendly. We can use wooden toys to teach our kids from a very young age that taking care of nature can be as easy as a game and often requires just our will and no other efforts. 

There are many eco-friendly products for babies and kids and the wooden baby toys are one of them. Selecting a wooden toy, you make an investment in your baby’s health. You know that it contains no plastic or other inappropriate elements that can cause allergies or other harm. On the other hand, you also invest in a toy that is fun to play with and is quite durable to last for generations. Wooden toys may be slightly higher-priced than their plastic counterparts but tend to last much longer. They can withstand tough play and keep both kids and adults entertained.

Another positive advantage of the wooden toys is that they provoke the kids to develop their creativity and find new ways to play with them. In most of the cases, the wooden toys are quite simple and require the kid to actively play with it – move the car around, build with the bricks, play with the music toys, unlike plastic toys which are often battery-powered and kids spent more time contemplating them than being actually engaged in the play.

To choose the right baby wooden toy, you need to opt for simple designs, nice colors, and child-safe dye, options to safely play alone with the toy. As the choice is quite abundant, we have selected 11 of the best baby wooden toys that you can get in 2019. 

Baby Wooden Maraca Toy by KidsBaron

Music is one of the best ways to stimulate your baby’s senses. It has the power to calm them down and make them smile. And it is even better if the kid can make the music themselves. The baby wooden maraca toy offered by KidsBaron is a compact toy with a lovely design and beautiful colors that every baby would love.

The maracas are one of the simple music toys that are very suitable for young children. They are made of natural wood and kid-safe dyes and are perfect for babies and toddlers. Even older children can enjoy including this lovely instrument in their music band.

Each maraca has a unique pattern – some resemble bugs or a flower garden, others depict a smiley face but all of them are a guaranteed pleasure to look at and play with. The maraca toy resembles the original musical instrument but is smaller and made to fit your kid’s hands. The toy is very durable and will allow the baby to play with it for a long time.

You can order two or more and use them as educational toys as well to teach colors. Help your kid develop their sense of rhythm and unlock the musician in themselves with this simple but attractive wooden toy. 

HABA Baby’s First Basic Block Set

Blocks are one of the most beloved toys for young children. They help them develop their coordination, fine motoric skills, and imagination. HABA presents a basic set of 12 blocks that come in six colors – yellow, blue, green, red, orange, and purple. All the colors are bright and grab the kid’s attention helping them to master color recognition.

The size of the blocks is perfect for small hands and allows kids to play with them safely. Made of beechwood and toxin-free materials, these are the perfect first blocks for your kid. The set is suitable for 0 –1 age range, so they are a good option for your baby’s first toy. 

The blocks can be washed to keep them clean and the only disadvantage is that they may become stained after washing. 

Classic Baby Beads by The Manhattan Toy Company

Recognized as one of the best baby wooden toys producers, The Manhattan Toy Company offers the classic baby beads that can keep your infant entertained for hours. The wooden baby beads are recommended for babies aged 3 months and up and can be good for teething toddlers as well.

The beads have a non-toxic water-based finish and great soothing colors. They are strung together with an elastic cord given the baby an option to twist them in various directions and develop their gross motoric skills. 

The classic baby beads are recognized as a great sensory and tactile toy and are recommended for kids in the autism spectrum as well. They can be used as a wood rattle to calm the baby down and because of their safe but durable materials, the toy will last very long. 

You can also select the classic wooden beads with no colors if you prefer the soothing natural wood nuance. 

Melissa & Doug Classic ABC Cart Educational Toy

The Classic ABC cart educational toy by Melissa & Doug is a great gift for kids of different ages. Meant to be used for a long period of time, the set is made of high-quality solid wood and child-safe dyes. The toy features 30 blocks with pictures, letters, and numbers on them and a rolling cart that allows your toddler to move them around from room to room.

The toy is recommended for children between 24 months and 4 years but you can also use only the blocks with younger kids. The set is perfect for teaching colors, basic math, and the alphabet and allows kids to build towers and houses facilitating their imagination and motor skills. Older children can use the images and letter to tell simple stories. The cart can be used as a storage box as well.

The set is quite sturdy and will last you for years. The bigger number of blocks allows team play as well. 

Wooden Clock Learning Toy by KidsBaron

This wooden clock is a 100% eco-friendly product made by natural wood and kid-safe dyes. Designed as a fun puzzle with different shapes and colors, the toy provides many learning options and a great time for kids and adults.

You can use it for younger children to teach them shapes and colors, while bigger kids can learn the numbers and how to tell the time. 

Right now, you can get this stunning wooden toy for FREE and only pay for shipping and handling, so do not miss this option. 

Baby Wood Square Blocks

These neutral wooden color blocks are one of the perfect gifts for your infant or toddler. The Baby Wood Square Blocks are perfectly smooth and give great pleasure to those who play with them.

The simple design allows for developing your kids’ imagination and makes them suitable for playing different games. In addition to building, you can use them as a DIY activity. Choose your kids’ favorite colors and/or stickers and decorate the blocks the way you like them. They can be turned into a creative alphabet or numbers teaching set. 

The recommended age is 12 months and above. 

HABA Kringelring Wooden Baby Rattle Clutching Toy

Babies love rattles that they can clutch and enjoy. You can make your infant happy with this hand-made Kringelring crafted by HABA. The rattle features brightly-colored beads made of beech that are threaded on a strong elastic cord. It also has two blue rings that are made of BPA-free plastic.

The toy is perfect for tiny infant hands and is safe for teething babies meeting all EU and US standards. The rainbow colors are the result of applying several layers of water-based and solvent-free lacquers, which makes it safe for babies who love putting everything in their mouths. 

Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Cube

A sorting game is a must for any house with young kids. Melissa & Doug’s Shape Sorting Cube offers a great wooden cube with 12 wooden block shapes to keep your kid entertained for quite a long time.

The shapes are brightly colored to stimulate color recognition and each block fits only in one place thus ensuring that your kid will work with form recognition and hand coordination. The cube also stimulates problem-solving skills. 

The size of the set is perfect for young kids and the toy is made of sturdy wooden materials to withstand long hours of play. 

MURO Activity Cube – Mega Pack

MURO is a company known for offering modular wooden play centers that can be customized according to your preferences. The mega pack activity cube is one of the best investments that you can make as it will keep your kids entertained for many years. The toy is suitable for children aged between 12 months and 4 years but older children often play with it with great pleasure.

The cube is made from birch and rubber wood and is extremely durable. The activities included are developed with the help of educational psychologists to make sure that they cater to the needs of growing children and stimulate as many of their senses and skills as possible.

The mega pack includes 12 educational toys that feature peg sorter, bead maze, door, peg slider, handle, traffic lights, latch, abacus, and xylophone. There are so many elements that your kid can touch and move and the bright colors will keep them even more attracted to the toy. The cube is a great play toy for siblings as it suites a great age range. 

PlanToys Dancing Alligator

The Dancing Alligator by PlanToys is a great pull toy made of rubber tree wood, chemical-free glue, organic color pigment, and water-based dyes to make sure that it is absolutely safe for your toddler.

This cute alligator is in bright green color with yellow tiers and is a perfect addition to the toy collection for your kid. It “dances” when pulled and will keep your kids entertained while stimulating their motor skills and urging them to move around. 

Hape Healthy Basics Wooden Play Kitchen Food Set

Hape will help you teach your kid about basic kitchen products with their wooden set of kitchen food. You get a set of the essential products that can be found in the fridge such as eggs, milk, orange and apple juice, cheese. 

The toys are good for role plays and can develop organization skills and urge kids’ creativity. They can be used as stand-alone toys or as an accessory to any child’s kitchen toy. 

All the figures are made from high-quality wood, non-toxic and child-safe materials to ensure endless hours of play. 

The wooden toys are a great way to stimulate your baby’s senses and teach them basic notions such as colors and shapes. As wood is strong and durable, a wooden toy set lasts for many years and can stay in the family for quite long and be used by siblings and friends. 

If you are interested in finding more interesting toys, you can visit our toys section or check our baby supplies section for other baby items that can help you raise a healthy and happy kid. 

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