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Calcomanía de la Patrulla Canina en 3D



  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Super cool 3D look
  • Kids go crazy over these
  • Must-have for all Paw Patrol lovers

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Do your kids love Paw Patrol? Create an absolute amazing experience for them with this super cool 3D wall decal. Imagine how amazed they will be when it looks like the famous characters are about to jump right into their rooms.


  1. For preparation please unroll the decal and let it flatten at least days before attaching it to any wall
  2. Clean the work area from dust and dirt
  3. Ensure that the surface is suited

Recommended surfaces are:

  • Tiles
  • Glass
  • Smooth walls
  • Metal
  • Smooth wallpapers
  • Closets
  • Plastic

Attaching to the surface

  1. Lay the decal flat on the ground
  2. Cut out any designs if needed or wnated
  3. Slowly peel the transfer film off
  4. Cover the decals with transfer film
  5. Press firmly over the entire sheet using a plastic card or ruler to make sure the decal transfers properly
  6. Slowly roll off the white backing paper and ensure that the decal stays on the transfer film
  7. Put the transfer film with the decal onto the desired surface
  8. Gently peel off the transfer film while pressing the decal to stay in shape

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