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  • aimants de construction 32 pcs value pack
  • building magnets with wheel set
  • building magnets with wheels
  • aimants de construction 32 pcs value pack
  • building magnets with wheel set
  • building magnets with wheels

Aimants de construction Jouet éducatif 32 PCS


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Developing cognitive, mathematical, analytical and problem solving skills has never been this fun. Kids simply love to play with these super cool Building Magnets that are so fun for years to come. Build play and reengineer, as often as you like. This set is all that it takes to get started. Get this amazing set today or it might be gone for good soon. Your child will honor it…

Benefits you will experience:

  • Better preparation for kindergarten and school tasks
  • Shape and color recognition
  • Enhancement of problem solving skills
  • Improvement of fine motor skills
  • Better spatial awareness
  • Better focus and patience
  • Shift of creativity and imagination
  • Development of math and scientific skills

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Universal Super Toys

They´re universal and they´re even more powerful: Construction toys can change the way kids think. Building projects stimulate creativity, and sharpen crucial skills. Our 32 PCS value pack of these super cool Building Magnets provides all it needs to get started.

As several developmental psychologists have proven, it is absolutely beneficial for parents and teachers to design environments that encourage and enhance problem solving. And construction toys ideally fit into that role. Studies suggest they can help kids develop

  • motor skills and hand-eye coordination,
  • spatial skills,
  • a capacity for creative, divergent thinking,
  • social skills, and
  • language skills.

Moreover, children can integrate their own constructions into pretend play scenarios. There is also evidence that complex block-play is linked with advanced math skills in later life.

For example, when psychologists observed the construction activities of 51 preschoolers, they discovered a pattern. The kids who showed more interest in construction– and built more sophisticated structures–performed better on a standardized test of spatial intelligence.

Drastical Improvement of Math Skills

Block play improves math skills, too. In studies, the complexity of children´s block play at the age of 4 had long-term predictive power: More complex play during the preschool years was correlated with higher mathematics achievement in high school, even after controlling for a child’s IQ.

Other research has revealed links between a preschooler’s ability to recreate specific structures and his or her current mathematical skills. Investigators report similar results for tweens and adolescents.

Problem Solving Skills – Super Helpful

Another part that these building magnets have a positive effect on are problem solving skills.

Psychologists recognize two major types of problem. Convergent problems have only one correct solution. Divergent problems can be solved in multiple ways.

Because kids can put together blocks in a variety of ways, block play is divergent play. And divergent play with blocks may prepare kids to think creatively and better solve divergentproblems.

In an experiment, researchers presented preschool kids with two types of play materials:

  • Some kids got materials for convergent play (puzzle pieces).
  • Other kids were given materials for divergent play (chunky, block-like foam shapes).
  • Kids were given time to play and then were tested on their ability to solve problems.

The results? The kids who played with blocks performed better on divergent problems. They also showed more creativity in their attempts to solve the problems.

Not only for toddlers

If you think building blocks are only great for toddlers you´re only half right. We have no reason to think the benefits end when children enter school. A recent pilot study suggests that first graders who engage in daily construction activities can boost their mathematics ability, spatial reasoning, problem solving skills as well.

Moreover, as mentioned above, studies of tweens and adolescents link construction play with superior performance on tests of spatial skills and mathematics.

But we think the most compelling evidence comes from everyday experience. We know that people learn from practice, and builders who create small-scale structures must cope with the same physics that constrain the design of bridges and cathedrals.

That’s why engineers and scientists build physical models: It helps them test and explore their ideas. If you want to get an intuitive grasp of how the forces of tension and compression work, hands-on experience with construction is invaluable.

So it seems pretty obvious that older kids also benefit from building. The key to keeping them engaged is finding age-appropriate, stimulating materials. Our building magnets are fun even for adults and will engage people from all age groups for hours and hours.


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