Torche LED originale Minecraft - à main ou murale

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  • Original Minecraft Torch for Real Life
  • Hold in hand or hang on your wall so you can use it your way
  • Can be put on a table as a flexible lamp
  • Keeps away Zombies so you can feel safe at night

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Sometimes it’s just easier to buy the Torch instead of crafting it, especially IRL. So, when you’ve run out of charcoal and wood or just can’t seem to make enough to stop hostile mobs from spawning, get yourself the Minecraft Wall Torch. Place one every 12 blocks in your home along the walls and it’ll stop any hostiles from popping up.

Another plus is the most recent patch enabling you to mount your torch on glass! Melt away that snow or prevent your lake from freezing, only in a 2-block radius of course. You can even mount it in a pumpkin for an adorable jack-o-lantern. Okay, don’t actually do any of that, it’ll just end up breaking. Just mount it on your wall because it looks cool and maybe, MAYBE it’ll keep zombies away. So far, it seems to be working. Have you seen any zombies lately? Didn’t think so.

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  1. tnyd
    Great toys
    It’s bright
    Utile ?
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