Leak Proof Miracle Sippy Cup



★ Doesn’t spill drinks anymore

★ Dentist recommended spotless design

★ Easy to use and clean with no extra parts

★ 10 oz / 240 ml capacity

★ For water, juices or milk

★ BPS-free & dishwasher safe

leak proof miracle skippy cup no spills child safe


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Miracles do happen

Let’s be honest. Toddlers are a messy bunch. They spill their food and they spill their drinks – no matter of the situation, occasion or location. When first being introduced to sip cups, the situation can easily get out of hands.

Now imagine a world where drink’s wouldn’t spill. Not in the hands of your little monsters, not on your nightstand and not in your diaper bag. Sounds like a miracle? Well, it is some sort of a miracle, but a miracle sappy cup.

The leak proof miracle skippy cup was developed with parents and kids in mind. It eliminates the messes completely and even supports your child’s dental health. Turn the cup upside down, shake it or even drop it. It never spills. Your child can drink from anywhere around the rim, just like a regular cup. It’s that easy. And thanks to the innovative design it is even easier to clean. Simply a miracle.


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