Montessori Learning Board


✅ Based on the Montessori principles

✅ Kids learn naturally with all senses

✅ Better understanding for long-term success

✅ Perfectly suited to prepare kids for school

✅ Wooden educational toy that just feels great

✅ Teaches counting, numbers, forms and fine motor skills


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The better way of learning

“Montessori” is becoming a household word for education

Currently there are over 4,000 Montessori schools in the US. But while it is well known as an alternative form of education, there is still often a mystery around this. But is this form of learning really better than the traditional one?

The principle behind the education method developed by Maria Montessori is to support children appeal to their nature, rather than fight it. Traditional schools, for example, constantly fight against kids to keep them in their seats. In Montessori schools children can move freely, with rising success. Here are the key principles why.

Children learn better, faster and with more long-term success when working with specially designed materials. Rather than memorising facts and formulas about math, they use little objects and sets of wooden letters or numbers to learn our language or counting. Educating the whole child is key.

The new developed Montessori Learning Board perfectly catches those principles to make early learning fun, interactive and a whole experience for the child. Education and fun go hand in hand with this practical life activity.

Children are given the whole experience of deciding how and what to learn with this board. They can explore colors, forms, numbers and counting in an easy, natural and fun way that involves all senses simultaneously.



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