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Wooden Tetris Puzzle – Brain Teaser Toy

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Benefits you will see:

  • Better concentration and patience
  • Improvement of math and analytical skills
  • Better problem solving abilitiies
  • Fun with a “real” toy
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Our new version of the custom designed ” Wooden Tetris Puzzle – Brain-Teaser Toy ” is a MUST HAVE! Designed with premium high quality material and made with only our little ones in mind your kids will simply love this Tetris Puzzle and have a blast using it over and over again. Above of this, your child will love to play with a “real” toy instead of all the digital devices that are available nowadays.
Ideal Gift for any child!

This Tetris Puzzle is the ideal toy and teaches patience and coordination. It provides a learning experience and aims at training kids imagination, eye-hand coordination and color & shape recognition. Scientists have proven that this toy helps enhancing the intelligence level. Long-term benefits include better mathematical skills and problem solving abilities that are so valuable for solving tasks at school or kindergarten.

These puzzles are suitable for both adults and kids (> 3 years old)

1. This toy helps your child to develop visual discrimination of size in three dimensions.
2. Prepares the child for mathematical concepts in the decimal system, geometry and volume.
3. Used to help develop a child’s fine muscular co-ordination and hand-eye coordination
4. Enhances patience and problem solving skills

Materials: Non-toxic paints, high quality wood.
Size: Length: 27cm/10.63″ Width: 18cm/7.09″ Hight: 1cm/0.39

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Benefits you will experience:

  • Better preparation for kindergarten and school tasks
  • Shape and color recognition
  • Enhancement of problem solving skills
  • Improvement of fine motor skills
  • Better spatial awareness
  • Better focus and patience
  • Shift of creativity and imagination
  • Development of math and scientific skills
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