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Orbeez Guns vs Nerf Guns: A Parent-Friendly Solution

ultimate orbeez gun nerf guns

I posted a picture on social media once. I’d been cleaning up the house, and in my travels around the boys’ rooms I discovered just how ridiculously many guns they had. Nerf guns, in particular. 

I lined all the guns up against the wall in my living room, then snapped a picture of the arsenal. Once I’d posted it, I got tweets like this:

“Good heavens, is it the apocalypse already?” ~ Robin

“I didn’t know you were such a second amendment advocate.” ~ Steven

“I think it’s time for a yard sale.” ~ Mom

Needless to say, my boys have amassed an impressive number of guns over the years. Unfortunately, there’s a problem.

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The Problem with Nerf Guns

The problem with Nerf guns is that they take Nerf bullets. If you’re not familiar, Nerf bullets are spongy cylinders with a suction cup-like tip. Different guns are loaded in different ways – some you’ll actually use something similar to a magazine, and others work like a revolver. 

So, why are Nerf bullets a problem? First and foremost, the things get lost. You can have a gun which takes 40 bullets (no, seriously, that’s a thing), and your kid will decide he’s Rambo, shooting them into the yard one after another. 

Who gets to pick up the bullets? Well, it’s probably not your nine year old. After all, what nine year old wants to search for and pick up forty bullets? It’s you. Dad and Mom get stuck with the dirty work. 

The second problem with Nerf bullets is that, when they get lost, they pose issues. Your pets can find them and start munching on them. The lawn mower can find them and start munching on them. To put it simply, Styrofoam in the yard is never really a great thing. 

Nerf guns are super entertaining – a great way for your kids to keep themselves entertained. But when you, the parent, are tasked with finding all 40 of those darn bullets, the fun quickly ends. 

A Nerf Gun Solution

So, what if your kids could shoot each other without damaging your lawn care equipment? What if there were no risk of your poodle finding stray bullets and earning a trip to the vet? Better yet, what if there were a gun that shot biodegradable bullets that wouldn’t harm the planet?

Enter the Ultimate Orbeez gun. This awesome toy shoots, as the name implies, Orbeez. Never heard of Orbeez? You’re missing out. 

Orbeez are neat little water beads that expand in size when they’re wet. It’s kind of like the stuff inside a diaper. You know how your baby’s diaper expands when it gets hit with moisture? That’s what these little beads do, too. They’re basically colorful diaper filling. 

Orbeez are soft and squishy, and when you wet them they expand to 150 times their original size. They come in dozens of colors – they kind of look like marbles but they feel like peeled grapes. 

Kids love Orbeez, parents love Orbeez, and Ultimate Orbeez guns shoot Orbeez. Of course, your original Nerf bullets won’t go to waste, either. The Ultimate Orbeez gun also shoots the classic style bullet. 

Orbeez. Are. Fun. 

Orbeez come with a ton of potential. They’re not only good for your kids to pelt each other with, without taking each others’ eyes out. Do a quick search on Pinterest – you’ll see what I mean. 

Orbeez can be used to fill water balloons. Now, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend your kids pelt each other with these Orbeez-filled balloons, but they do provide entertainment value. Squish the balloon around like a stress ball, then, when you’re ready, pop it and watch it rain. 

kidsbaron Orbeez banner

When it “rains” Orbeez, collect the beads in a tub. Then, soak your feet in the tub. There’s little more relaxing than an Orbeez foot bath. (Don’t knock it til you try it.)

Orbeez can be used for craft projects, both the adult kind and the kid kind. They can be used to fill a kiddie pool, and your kids will love swimming around in them. They’re inexpensive, and I promise this: when you get them, you’ll be inspired with about a million different ways to use Orbeez. 

Ultimate Orbeez Gun

That brings us back to the Ultimate Orbeez gun. If you’re as tired of picking up Nerf bullets as I am, look no further. The water beads are super inexpensive. You can find them here – we sell a pack of 10,000 of the little colorful balls for less than you’d buy a pack of Nerf bullets. 

These balls are biodegradable, too. At first, you may be a bit disillusioned at the colorful state of your yard. However, after the first rain, or even before them, you won’t even know they were there. 

Unlike the Styrofoam of Nerf bullets, Orbeez won’t harm the planet. In fact, the polymers in Orbeez are often used in gardening. Because of their ability to retain moisture, gardeners use these polymers to keep plants hydrated. 

Ultimate Orbeez bullets are non-toxic to pets and to kids. However, keep in mind that they shouldn’t be swallowed. Just by nature of the product, they’ll expand when they make contact with moisture, and this can be hazardous if your littlest kids or your pets swallow them. 

How to Use the Ultimate Orbeez Gun

Once you order the Ultimate Orbeez gun, and secure a pack of Orbeez refills, you’re probably going to wonder, “How in the heck do I do this?”

It’s actually pretty easy, but it’s going to take just a little bit of preparation. First, fill a bowl with water. It’s going to take around 180 ounces (just under a gallon and a half) of water. It’s okay to be a little imprecise. If you want to use a gallon and a half, the extra water won’t hurt your Orbeez. 

kidsbaron Orbeez banner

Put your water in a bucket, then drop around 200 beads in. You can adjust accordingly – for example, 90 ounces for 100 beads. Then, just wait. 

It’ll take around 3 to five hours for your Orbeez to expand to their full size. Once that’s done, simply load your gun, aim, and shoot! That’s all there is to it!

Here is a list of our great guns that go perfectly with orbeez and nerf darts:

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7 Responses

  1. One potential advantage of Orbeez guns is that they are generally considered to be safer than Nerf guns. Orbeez beads are soft and squishy, which means that they are less likely to cause injury or damage to property. However, parents should still make sure that their children are using Orbeez guns in a safe and responsible manner.

  2. Orbeez guns and Nerf guns are two popular types of toy guns that are enjoyed by many children and even adults. While they share some similarities, they also have distinct differences. Here are some comparisons between Orbeez guns and Nerf guns:

    Ammunition: Orbeez guns fire small, gel-like beads called Orbeez, while Nerf guns fire foam darts or balls.

    Range: Nerf guns generally have a longer range than Orbeez guns, as the foam darts can travel further than Orbeez.

    Safety: Orbeez guns are generally considered safer than Nerf guns, as the Orbeez are softer and less likely to cause injury. However, proper safety precautions should still be taken with both types of guns.

  3. Amen Emily!!

    The marks left on bare skin are a battery. If the victim isn’t part of the game then a police report can occur. If not intentional it’s negligent.

    Very sorry to hear about your neice!!

  4. 1. nerf DARTS are a single time purchase and come with any foam flinging BLASTER
    2. nerf darts are fun BECAUSE you can re-use the rounds, an orbeez blaster needs fresh rounds and they can’t be re-used meaning they become a bigger recurring price point and since they are blasters your kids WILL be fling hundreds of them a week. sure 10,000 seems like a lot of nerf darts but these are not nerf darts they are single use orbeez that are immediately rendered useless once shot so I would much prefer 500 nerf darts that i need to pickup after every nerf war than 10,000 orbeez that get shot ONCE.

  5. You said, “without taking each others’ eyes out”… Well, my niece just lost her eye last night because someone shot her in the face with an Orbeez gun. I had never heard of one so I Googled and found your article. Just wanted you to know that it is possible to take an eye out with one.

  6. Orbeez are not biodegradable; they can take up to 10 years to break down. And they’re terrible for animals that eat them.

  7. It is always great for kids to have fun with their foam guns as they can run around a field and challenge each other in many ways.

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